Poll: Migraine Pain more than a Headache

Migraineurs are dealing with a lot more than just head pain, according to a poll we recently conducted here at Headache and Migraine News.  The pain of migraine comes in many forms – and sometimes pain comes from the migraine attack, while at other times a problem in another part of the body can trigger a migraine attack.

Migraine Pain Poll

In this case, however, we were talking about pain during a migraine attack.  Visitors were asked Other than your head, where do you experience the most pain (during a headache/migraine attack)?

It’s no surprise that neck pain and migraine pain are closely related.  A full 71% of migraineurs said that they experienced neck pain during migraine.

Following that was other, with 8%, starting a list of other parts of the body where people experience pain.

Stomach is next on the list – very common (some people experience stomach pain instead of headache during a migraine attack – see more on abdominal migraine).

Back was next, and then skin (perhaps referring to cutaneous allodynia), and finally arms, legs, chest and feet.

In this poll, visitors were only allowed to choose 1 answer.  But now it’s time to find out all the other kinds of pain that migraineurs experience.  The new poll is similar – except that you can choose multiple answers.  I’ve also added more possible responses:  Other than your head, where else do you sometimes/always experience pain during a migraine attack?  Add your votes now!

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  • Theresa Maddox Feb 17, 2012

    This is so true!!

  • James Bogash Feb 17, 2012

    FYI…link is not working on my end. Overall, though, don’t forget that a migraine and seizures have much in common, including a post-ictal period that can last for days after the headache. Sort of like the brain reeling from the beating it just took. This affects your entire life.

  • Candice Blanco Feb 17, 2012

    I describe it as feeling like you got hit by a bus the day before. My friend calls it a hangover. The after effects of a migraine can be very debilitating.

  • Andrea Thomas Krohn Feb 17, 2012

    Amen. I also call it a hangover. It feels very similar to a hangover.

  • Carol H. Feb 17, 2012

    Hi James:
    I voted in the “poll”. Good idea! I also have eye pain, often wake up with it and have pain keeping my eyes open, ususally dominant in one eye. It’s like a stabbing prickley pain…and subsides to a low pain after being up for a while. Don’t know if “eyes” are included in the poll within “face”…so I thought I’d mention it.

    Thank you for your continued research and postings on your blog. I really appreciate it since it has been the best source of up-to-date information about migraines and research in that area. God bless Carol H.

  • Yes, “hangover” is a very common term for this part of a migraine attack – and a very appropriate one.

  • ksmerryman Mar 14, 2012

    Is it possible for me to see the actual data (just the numbers) to look at how many symptoms coincide with Hemiplegic Migraine responders?

    What I’m looking for is, i.e., how many people answered the three Head, Neck, and Back. An another category may be Head, Neck, Arms, Feet, and Back, and so on.

  • Amber Furlong Jul 29, 2015

    I can’t seem to get to the poll, but I figured I would post my answers here anyways…

    My migraines seem to have several levels, but my sever ones trigger pain in my neck, head, and eyes. Back pain and throat pain have also been experienced.

  • Carolyn Jul 29, 2015

    I can not seem to find the link. I would love to vote this sounds very intriguing

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