Smoking & Headache (graphic)

Smoking and Headache

NHF Survey:

  • 34% of headache sufferers say smoke is a trigger.
  • 82% said that their headaches did not get worse while they were quitting.

Smoking is linked to cluster headache and chronic migraine, though researchers aren’t sure how.

Smoking increases your risk for aneurysm.

Smoking may make your headache or migraine meds less effective.
Smoking and Migraine both increase your risk of heart disease.

Why may smoking trigger headache and migraine attacks?

  • Carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke causes low oxygen.
  • Smoking can decrease monoamine oxidase (MAO) activity.

Doctor’s advice?

Quit as soon as possible, particularly if you suffer from migraine, but withdraw slowly.  Chose quitting aids carefully – some may trigger headache.

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