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  1. Dr. Michael Zitney
    12 May 2012

    It is fair to say that if you have a problem with migraines, it is very likely you will have a problem with bowel function. The common thread is probably genetically determined abnormalities in serotonin function. It would be interesting to know how many readers have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel syndrome. What about a survey?

  2. Gianni
    15 July 2012

    Is there any Seattle-area clinic that understands these abdominal & migraine connenctions and can provide guidance on treatment? I’ve been diagnosed with abdominal migraine. I am a 61 year old male and have had this condition since a child (age 5 first memory of attack). Father suffered from acute migraine headaches. Parts of symptoms of CVS, abdominal migraine, IBS and gastric stasis – all apply to my condition. As a prophylactic, since 1990s, use inderal and symax; use Imitrex when attack starts plus an anti nausea medication. These have minimized symtoms and hastened recovery. But they were reached by accident, at best. Looking for knowledeable physicians/clinic on these matters . . .

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