The Headache Screening Questionnaire

The National Headache Foundation in the USA has a questionnaire that you can use to help your doctor diagnose you.  It includes questions in four categories, designed to screen for tension type headache, migraine, cluster, and organic headache.  It’s a great way to think through some things before you go and talk to your doctor.  Of course, it will also be helpful for your treatment if you can bring a headache diary.

Of course, the questions aren’t fool-proof.  There’s a lot of cross-over when it comes to symptoms, not to mention the complications of having more than one type of headache.  That’s why this is only a tool for your doctor, not a computer program that will instantly tell you the perfect treatment.

You can find the questionnaire, including 54 quick questions (just circle "yes") in the education section of the website, under General information.

Thanks to The Daily Headache for mentioning this.  As is pointed out there, it’s easy to forget tidbits of information that may help your doctor with a diagnosis.  Anything that will get key information to your doctor is helpful.

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