The Senator and the Migraine

He had numbness on the left side of his face, and his left hand.  He had problems with his peripheral vision, and his balance.  Sounds like Senator David Long from the USA had a minor stroke, doesn’t it?  But it was migraine.

On February 23, 2006 The senator woke up with the symptoms above, and went to the hospital for some tests.  After the initial tests, sure enough, the doctors said that it looked like he may have had a minor stroke.  But by the next day doctors had a different diagnosis – migraine.

It’s true that there are links between migraine and stroke.  But there are migraine types that do mimic stroke, such as hemiplegic migraine.  Still, Mr. Long did the right thing – if you’re having these symptoms, get them checked out right away.  Stroke or migraine, there’s help available.

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