The Top 12 Mistakes People Make With Nasal Sprays

Medication isn’t cheap.  So when you’re using a nasal spray, make sure you’re making the most of it by using it properly!

Here are the top 12 nasal spray mistakes that people make.  Learn from their mistakes!

Nasal Spray Mistakes
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  1. They don’t blow their nose first:  Don’t rush!  Gently blow your nose before using a nasal spray.  You don’t want the medication to get stuck, or just come out again.
  2. They tilt their head too much:  Sometimes it’s recommended that you tilt your head slightly forward or back, but leaning way over can make your medication less effective.  And remember, keep your head up for a while after you’ve taken the medication.
  3. They point the spray the wrong way:  The nozzle should not point toward the centre of your nose.  Point it up, and slightly out (away from the centre of the nose).
  4. They keep both nostrils open:  Close the other nostril with your other hand.  You don’t want the spray just to go out the other side.
  5. They hold their breath:  Breath in gently as you spray.  
  6. They snort:  Breath in gently, like you’re smelling a flower.  Don’t “snort” the medicine.  The spray could end up in the wrong place.
  7. They don’t clean the nozzle:  Obviously, this isn’t needed for a one-time use medication (for example a one-dose migraine spray).  But if you’re using the spray over and over, follow instructions on how to clean the nozzle.  Otherwise tiny bugs will soon have large families, and they’ll vacation in your nose.
  8. They blow their nose afterwards:  Yes, some people really do.  Don’t!  Give the medication a little time before you blow your nose again.
  9. They prime – or don’t prime:  Some nasal sprays should be primed first – that is, you give it a little spray into the air first.  Other medications you should not prime.  If it’s a one-dose medication, you’ll lose your only dose!
  10. They use it past the expiry date:  Not only may the medication be less effective, it may be contaminated over time.
  11. They share their nasal spray:  Never, ever share a nasal spray with someone else.
  12. They don’t read through the instructions:  Read the instructions in the package carefully before using.  It will answer many questions, such as – should I shake it first?  Should I prime it?  How do I clean it (if needed)?  How much is safe to use, and for how long?
  13. Nasal sprays can be much more effective than other medication “delivery systems”.  But they do need to be used properly so that the right dose can get where it needs to go when it needs to be there.

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  • Debbie Hofman Jun 15, 2013

    Zomig nasal spray works great!!

  • Faylinn Mar 29, 2016

    I have a really bad cold and so my doctor told me that I should try using nasal spray. I think that I have always applied the spray wrong, because it has always been a very uncomfortable experience for me. However, I am really glad that I came across this post, because I now know which mistakes I should be avoiding. I definitely tilt my head too much, hold my breath, and I usually keep both nostrils open as well, but I am going to do my best to rid myself of these habits and see how the spray works for me this time.

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