Want to Promote your Product?

We talk about a lot of items here at Headache and Migraine News that we think will be useful to someone.  We’ve talked about medications and supplements, machines, movies, sunglasses, and even water bottles and pillows!

Sometimes people have sent me products to review – and you’re welcome to do that (just contact me).  However, today I want to talk about another great way to promote your product – give it away!

That’s right, I’m looking for companies who would like to give away their products for contests and give-aways here at Headache and Migraine News.  Obviously prescription meds aren’t what I’m looking for, but there are plenty of other possibilities.  The main rule here is that they have to be useful to someone with chronic headache or migraine or cluster headache.

For example, what about naturally and gently scented soaps?  How about a supplement (have to be careful here – no "cures" please, and I’ll need something from a reputable source)?  Or a biofeedback device?  Or a special kind of ice pack?  A good quality book?  Even a special water bottle, or quality food product would be great.  Preference given to items specifically designed for headache or migraine sufferers.

Obviously I will be picky.  We don’t give away junk here.  I’m looking for quality products.  And in some cases I will need to have personal experience with it as well, so I know it’s of a high quality level.

Why would you want to give something away?

Haven’t you heard that to give is better than to receive?  It’s great just to help people – for free!  And I know that many of those who create these products really do want to help.

But there’s another reason – exposure for your product.  In a contest or give away, your product is likely to be mentioned several times – on Twitter, Facebook, on this site, and in our free ezine.  So we’re talking about tens of thousands of people – including over 13,000 "Likes" on Facebook and over 10,000 subscribers to our ezine.

So you can help people in two ways – give some one a free high quality product, and give others a chance to know about it and purchase it!  And helping people is what we’re all about – by fighting headache and migraine.  It’s about time we fought back, isn’t it?

Get involved!

If you’re interested in giving away a high quality product that will help those with chronic headache, migraine, or cluster headache, please contact me here.  I may not be able to respond to all inquiries.

Note to our regular readers:  We’ve had quite a few contests and give-aways here in the past.  Most, if not all, have been paid for out of my own pocket.  So the idea is not that I’ll stop doing that, but that we can have more contests thanks to generous sponsors.

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