What is the
Headache and Migraine News Blog?

Thoughts and information about the latest news in the world of migraine, cluster headache and other headache treatment around the world.

You’re probably here because you are personally dealing with migraine, or some kind of headache.  Or maybe someone close to you is, and you want to understand.

You’ve probably already guessed that this blog is about headache and migraine.  In other words, we talk about migraine disease, cluster headache, tension headaches, and other types of headaches.  We also talk about some of the other issues that headache or migraine sufferers face.

Here’s what you’ll find here at Headache and Migraine News:

  • Current information:  The latest discoveries, treatments, tips, medications and resources to fight headache and migraine.
  • Unique information:  Though I certainly draw from some of the best sources of information on and offline, this blog is never just a rehash of what everyone else is saying.
  • Relevant and Practical Information:  As much as possible, I don’t just tell you the news.  I tell you if you should care, and why, and if there’s any news that could make a difference in your life now.
  • Clear information:  I’ve been frustrated by 20 years of confusing information, and misinformation.  So I want to write in language that even I can understand!
  • Community:  This blog and its related website on headache and migraine aren’t just about collecting information from the experts.  It’s about sharing information together.  As people on the journey with you, we appreciate the insights and experiences you share through the comments and other parts of the site (more below).

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Who is James Cottrill?

JamesThe content of the Headache and Migraine News Blog is produced by James Cottrill, a husband and father originally from Ontario, Canada.  Growing up, he knew that he sometimes felt "sick", but didn’t understand that he had migraine until he was diagnosed as a young teenager.

James has seen many medical professionals in two countries, was a part of a migraine study through the University of Calgary and Calgary Headache Clinic, and has had many other adventures with naturopaths, chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists, and so on and so on. He’s also had one harrowing visit to an emergency room with a migraine attack.

He started researching migraine and headache and treatments many years ago. He began pouring his work into this site in 2003, hoping what he learned could help others as well.

James is currently with his two children and beautiful wife in Mexico City, Mexico. He continue to learn a lot of about pain and headache and migraine, and in the process is meeting lots of great people – many who happen to have migraine, or headache, or both.

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