1% Thursday: Quiet (without sore ears)

Phonophobia.  That’s what many migraine sufferers have.  Basically, it means that noise bothers you.  Sometimes that’s the slightest noise.  Sometimes it’s all the time, and not just during a migraine attack.

At night, ear plugs are a great option.  But sometimes they slip out of your ears.  Sometimes they hurt your ears.  Sometimes they just don’t cut out enough noise.

If noise bothers you, and you need to sleep… if you have a noisy house and you need to sleep during the day (for example, when you’re sick with a migraine attack)… if you have a spouse that snores… it may be time to invest in some serious quality ear plugs.

The Westone Model 40 Custom-Fit High Noise Multi-Purpose Ear Plugs are just that.  These babies are custom made to fit your ears.

That’s right, you actually get a special kit, and you take an impression of your ears, and send it back to them.  The ear plugs are then made specifically for you.  You can even pick the colour so it goes with your lovely eyes.  😉

Here’s what one customer said:

I’ve gone from store bought foam earplugs to these custom earplugs. Wow, what a difference. The best thing about them is that they don’t hurt like the foam ones since they’re made to fit my ears. I’m not having any headaches, I’m getting a good night’s sleep and best of all, I don’t hear my husband’s snoring or loud breathing! …They’re very comfortable and I can’t recommend them enough. I wish I’d bought these 10+ years ago!

Incidentally, I’m not affiliated with or getting paid by this company.  I just think this may be a big help to many of you who desperately need sleep and have written off ear plugs because you’ve only tried the cheap store bought kind.

There are certain things that are worth the money – and this may be it for many of you.  The Custom-Fit High Noise Multi-Purpose Ear Plugs ear plugs are here, and for a few dollars less you can also try the Custom-Fit Maximum Sleep Ear Plugs.

What is 1% Thursday?

1% Thursday

Every Thursday at Headache and Migraine News (weather permitting) we’ll talk about one measurable, practical thing we can do to make our lives just 1% better.  Usually it will be something very easy, sometimes it will be a challenge.  Let us know if you try it, or share an idea of your own – and maybe a year from now we’ll see that things have really changed for the better!

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