8 Benefits of Exercise for Headache Sufferers

Yes, getting exercise with a headache condition can be a challenge.  But every once in a while we need to be reminded of the benefits!

Exercise is GREAT!

For example:

  1. Helps control your weight.  Why not start with the obvious?  With concerns about medications and even migraine itself causing weight gain, this is an important benefit.
  2. Fights Heart Disease and Stroke.  Sure, migraine may increase your risk – so why not lower it again with exercise?
  3. Fights depression.  Depression is a condition that often goes along with migraine.  It’s time to fight back.  Not only can exercise make you “feel better”, it can fight more serious conditions like clinical depression.
  4. Energy boost.  Chronic headache conditions may either cause or go along with fatigue.  That might make it hard to get started with exercise – but once you get going you can fight fatigue.
  5. Better sleep.  Headache conditions such as migraine and cluster headache are often linked to sleep problems.  Getting a good night’s sleep can make a huge difference.
  6. Mental boost.  Just how much migraine impacts your mental ability is a question of debate.  We do know that some types of migraine certainly impact you mentally, at least in the short term – we’re talking ability to remember, think of words, even read and understand.  Exercise helps you keep mental problems at bay.  It also helps you learn, as you read more about your headache condition right here!
  7. Circulation.  And we’re talking in broad terms.  Getting nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body in an effective and efficient way.  This is very important for headache sufferers.
  8. Relaxed muscles.  Muscles tense?  Muscle spasm?  Triggering more pain than you want?  Regular exercise can help fight it.

For more about exercise and migraine, read the experiences of one migraineur here.

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