Are You “Misaligned”? There’s an App for that…

One of the more under-utilized areas of migraine treatment includes physical therapy, massage, and chiropractic therapy.  There are countless different approaches, some excellent, and some with little medical evidence.

But a lot of this approach simply has to do with keeping your body properly aligned.  That’s certainly the focus of Noel Frayne, RMT.

No Pain for iOS
No Pain for Android

Frayne was treating patients at the Victoria Headache Clinic in Victoria, Canada.  The clinic closed in 2009 when he retired, but he started looking to technology to continue his work.

That led to the app with the ambitious name No Pain, currently available for iOS and Android.

The former clinic’s website explains the approach in this way:

Treat only the misaligned pelvic girdle and everything else has the potential to correct itself.  Treat everything but the misaligned pelvic girdle and the problems will, inevitably, return.

Until the pelvis is treated, the body’s innate postural balancing influences will continue compensating for the asymmetry and perpetuating the adaptive muscle tension and Migraine pain patterns.

The Victoria Headache Clinic treatment approach is quite simple:

  1. Confirm the presence of the pattern.
  2. Realign the pelvic girdle.  Treat the pattern of adaptive changes.
  3. Teach the patient how to correct and maintain the pelvic alignment.
No Pain - clear instructions and pictures

When you open the app, you’ll see a series of tests that will help you self-diagnose alignment problems.  Very clear pictures will make it easy to understand what to do.

The benefit of having this app on your iPhone, iPad or Android is that you’ll also have a quick reference to quick, easy exercises and positions which will help you correct the problem.

While an app may not give you the interaction of a massage therapist or physical therapist, the outlay of cash is a lot less and it is always with you.  This is another drug-free approach that may help alleviate headache and migraine symptoms, and at least get you thinking about movement and body position, which really are important if you want to lower head and body pain for life.

Get No Pain for iPod/iPad/iPhone or for Android.

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