Biofeedback – Do the Popular Devices Work?

Biofeedback is considered to be one of the safest migraine treatments, and one of the best non-drug treatments available.  Basically, biofeedback teaches you to control responses in your body that normally would be automatic.

For example, using biofeedback can help reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, change heart rate, and change blood flow.

There are some devices being sold to help you do biofeedback at home.  I was curious to see if people are trying these for headache disorders, and if so what kind of success they’ve had.

So I headed over to amazon to check the reviews, and they seem to be fairly positive.  Here’s what people are saying:

Basic GSR2 Biofeedback Relaxation System

Review of the Basic GSR2 Biofeedback Relaxation System

***** The GSR2 reinforces the stress management techniques I learned from my psychologist to attain a state of calm relaxation. These techniques relieve pain generated by stress and anxiety. If you feel inexplicable pain or depression this device can help you cope with these symptoms.

The CD Rom which comes with the GSR2 provides a great summary of some helpful stress management techniques, such as breathing in rhythm and mental relaxation drills. I would recommend this product to anyone who has anxiety-related headaches.

Review of the StressEraser Portable Biofeedback Device

***** Was never my plan to have to worry about stress, however after a major motorcycle accident this became a reality.

The build up from injuries as well as overall day by day events,the stress level got to a point where a migraine headache was a weekly event. At first, add some medication and the problem was solved but as the weeks lead to months then years the medication got to a point where it was doing little more then produce side effects.

This unit is a part of an overall program that includes everything from a modified diet to lots of water intake to changing television and film selections and music

I am finding that this is certainly helping and is now as important as sleep to me.

This is a not a buy it and it will fix you. You have to look at your complete life and be prepared to make major modifications, then you will find that this will assist.

Do I still have stress in my world? Yes but at least I know that I can work towards a reduction and management

StressEraser Portable Biofeedback Device

Review of the StressEraser Portable Biofeedback Device

***** I purchased this over 5 years ago and after the initial novelty wore off and after learning the basic skill of deep and steady breathing, I forgot about it and put it aside. However, last year, while I was 8 months pregnant and resting in bed from severe Edema, I took it out again. It really helped me breathe better and feel calmer about the pregnancy. Then, several months after the birth, I found myself too wired to sleep because of the stress of caring for a newborn. I started suffering from daily migraines. I decided to give the Stresserasor a try and after several minutes of retraining myself to take steady deep breaths again, I found myself yawning non-stop for an hour. My brain had been oxygen deprived which I believe was due to shallow breathing, a consequence of chronic stress. After that one session, my headaches went away and it was easier for me to take naps and to sleep again.

I love this product but I agree with the other reviews that sometimes it doesn’t work properly and it is difficult to troubleshoot. I found that it works best when used consistently.

What about you?  Have you tried any of these devices, specifically for headache or migraine?

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  • Paul Aug 1, 2013

    I have been using the EMWave2 for stress and anxiety and as a result have noticed a decrease in the frequency and severity of my migraines. just my 3.5 cents

  • lesley Aug 1, 2013

    Having migraines for 34 years I tried and continue to use Biofeedback on an almost daily basis. I was taught by a psychotherapist and purchased the program so I could use it daily at home. I use the Wild Divine Program which is computer based and used with finger sensors. It is a varied almost game like program mixed in with instuctions, basic and advanced levels of meditation and different you track your heart rhythms. It holds ones attention as there are so many elements to the set. There are newer (I have had mine for 2 years) versions but I have stuck with the original. I love it..that did not help with the frequency or severity of my migraines, but has given me another tool to manage the stress of living with migraine disease. Just my experience…a positive one…

  • James Bogash, DC Aug 1, 2013

    Stress is a major contributor to poor brain health. Anything that can help in this regards is a good thing. We have used the Resperate in our office for years now. In general, the response for “stress monsters” has been very positive.

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