Botox and CDH

A new study published in the Headache journal is suggesting a still wider use for Botox.  The makers of Botox, Allergan Inc, sponsored a study using Botox in patients with Chronic Daily Headache and migraine.  The controlled study involved 355 patients, about 85% women.  Each patient had at least one migraine attack during the trial period, so all of them had migraine with chronic daily headache as well.  Patients had a Botox treatment every 90 days for 9 months.  The patients that got Botox (rather than a placebo) did seem to get fewer headaches.  However, Dr David W. Dodick from the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (who was involved in the project) warns that results are difficult to interpret.  More studies are needed.

There is very little treatment actually designed for those with chronic daily headache.  Research in this area as a whole is needed, although the causes no doubt vary from person to person.

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  • Karen Robbins-Hood Dec 8, 2011

    Five years ago I used to have someone drive me to Worcester,MA (I live in ME)whereby I received 32-36 Botox injections every other month. The botox was injected in my head, neck, and trapezoids. They did wonders for my Daily Chronic Migraines. I would still have a few breakfew migraines but was able to deal with them by using an abortive medicine. It did help the quality of my life. I had to stop because I no longer had access to the center. I am seeing a local Doctor and he will be giving me botox injections. I pray that they help. I have had to stop most of my meds due to the effects they have had on my kidneys. With two young children who have developmental challenges, it has been an extreme challenge to work with them and get them to appointments and activities when I have migraines, which is 25 to 28 x per month. If you have not tried Botox for Chronic Migraines, I suggest you speak with your neurologist about it. It may be the thing that helps you.

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