Chew celery

Chew celery

Here’s a quick home remedy for the next time you have a headache: Chew celery. Or carrots. Or anything hard-and-healthy.Seriously. Exercising those jaw muscles can loosen things up and make you feel a whole lot better – depending on the type of headache you have.

Just don’t eat too much celery. It you do, you might find your jaw muscles getting sore, or getting tense, and you might end up with a headache the next day. That’s why people that chew a lot of gum can end up with jaw problems and headaches.

And here’s a bonus tip: If you try the first tip and discover that it works, it may be a sign you have problems with your jaw. There could be damage to the joint, or you could be over-using your jaw muscles by chewing, or grinding your teeth at night. Have a specialist check for damage, but even if there isn’t actual damage you could have tired muscles from teeth grinding or clenching. And that’s a great recipe for headaches.

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  • Angie Jan 25, 2008

    Thank you for the tip. The celery idea got me thinking so I tried some TMJ exercises and they did bring some relief.

  • terin Jan 26, 2009

    I eat about six sticks of celery a day. of course I eat other vegetables as well but not as much as celery, the purpose of this is to loose weight. eventhough I excercise by walking and skiping, do you think I’ll loose my weight

  • James Jan 26, 2009

    Thanks for the comments! Did you know that celery can also help you get to sleep? Another good reason to chew on some! 🙂

  • Leesa Dec 2, 2009

    Really? Celery can help me go to sleep? Why? How much? I heard celery helps digestion, is that correct? And about the TMJ, does it cause ringing in my ears?

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