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  1. julie
    2 June 2011

    Im pretty new to cluster but have had migraines all my life. They are definitely different. Most of the info that is available on cluster headaches is just confusing. It took a lot of digging for me to finally see that yes I do have both. My clusters go for months and usually involve stabbing pain in my right eye and blurred vision. Its very little like a migraine, however I have had both at the same time and that really sucks. Migraine and can’t stand light or noise but can’t sit still either.

  2. giorgos
    3 November 2013

    during my cycle(talking about the same cycle) sometimes I have an attack with the cluster characteristics and sometimes it’s with migrain characteristics. I mean dropping eye, nose runnig but the one nostril closed,watery eye..sometimes last 30 min. sometimes I have pain the whole day. sometimes I got nausea,sometimes I want to lie down and others I want to walk around. sometimes excersice fucks me up sometimes it makes me better..either I have a combination of both migrains and cluster or it’s the same thing and the symptoms depend from the person..

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