Does relaxation training help children and teens?

This summer Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain reported on a study about children and adolescents and relaxation therapy.  The question was, is relaxation training a help for those suffering from tension type headaches and migraine?  And what is the best way to get the treatment?

Since there are fewer drugs approved for children and teens, doctors are on the lookout for alternative forms of treatment.  The good news was that this treatment was effective for both types of headache.  However, the way the treatment was received varied in effectiveness.

Those with tension type headache responded well to self-training, training from a school nurse or a therapist.  Migraine sufferers only benefited from relaxation from a trained therapist.  If you know a child or teen with headache or migraine, this may be a helpful treatment, if it’s done right.  Read a summary of this Headache study here.

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