Earplugs for Weather Migraine?

Last year Cirrus Healthcare released a new type of drug-free migraine treatment. Building on their experience with products related to barometric pressure, Cirrus is promoting earplugs to fight weather-related migraine.

The earplugs, made from “soft, hypoallergenic, latex-free silicone”, are designed to help regulate the pressure in your ears. They’re actually similar to their popular “Earplanes” (made for both adults and children), which help travellers avoid ear pain during airplane flights.

MigraineXThis product, called MigraineX, is designed to be worn usually for 2-4 hours when there are significant changes in barometric pressure. These are actually specially-designed earplugs, which means they will block a certain amount of noise as well (though not as much as some other plugs). This could be an additional selling point, depending on your situation. But for most people, if they can avoid the pitfalls of weather changes, and lower the volume in the environment, all the better.

The manufacturer does refer to a very positive study that was done with their product, although I was unable to find the details. But you will see that there are a lot of positive reviews (although, like any migraine treatment, they by no means work for everyone).

Have you tried MigraineX, or Earplanes? What was your experience like?

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