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  1. Megan Oltman
    28 February 2009

    Good information, James! If your bloodshot eyes are not from a migraine but from glaucoma, it still could be migraine related. Migraine sufferers should definitely get checked for glaucoma regularly as there is a high correlation between glaucoma and migraine. Let your eye doctor know you are a migraine sufferer, as they can do a more thorough pressure check than they would for others.
    - Megan

  2. James
    10 April 2009

    Thanks for the reminder, Megan!

  3. Terri Massie-Burrell
    27 December 2009

    My son is 10, and has been diagnosed with migraines since he was about 5. He goes to a pediatric neurologist. This article is very eye opening. I’d like to receive additional information as it becomes available.

  4. Ja’mir
    12 January 2010

    I am a migraine sufferer, and also have one blood shot eye… but the migraine ws definately not the cause here.
    I just woke up one morning with the inner side of one eye totally bloodshot, over the next week it progressed to the outer side also… over 40 days later it now covers my whole eye. Other than being a little scratchy and watery, there is no real pain associated with it,
    I have been given normal eye drops, anti bacterial eye drops, a course of anti biotics, but it is still there… for the world to see and really looks a lot worse than it is, so is always comented on when I had almost forgotten about it .
    Any suggestions ?

  5. Brad
    23 August 2011

    Hi. Im a regular smoker, about a pack a day. I recently had to switch brands because I was having horrible coughing fits that were always followed by an intense (knock you completely out) migraine. When I would get these migraines I would often lash out at everyone and become very restless. A few friends and relatives have witnessed this and have become concerned. It got to the point that it was happening three times a day on some days. I went and had tests done and had a cat scan and a chest xray and both came back normal. But durung these migraines the whites of my eyes are completely red. You cant even tell that there was any white in that area before. I know I should quit smoking but I want to know if there could be something else that is going on or if I should seek medical attn.

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