Have You Tried the Icekap for Migraine?

Sometimes the most simple solutions are the best. That’s the theory behind the Icekap, a heat/cold therapy for migraine that keeps things simple.Icekap

Cold and heat are common and very effective migraine treatments, if used properly (and what is “proper” may vary from person to person). The challenge, however, is getting the right temperature to the right part of the body with a minimum of mess and stress.

We’ve seen caps to provide cool temperature for migraine before. The Icekap has a number of positives combined into a simple product.

First, there’s the Icekap itself – adjustable, easy to put on, and with a nice little hole for those with pony tails. 🙂

Next, the ice packs, which go into the Icekap. Keep them cool – swap them out and keep the Icekap cool.

Wait! The “ice packs” can also be “heat packs”. Just stick them in the microwave or cover them with hot water.

Icekap - side viewNow because the Icekap is “adjustable”, it can also provide pressure therapy, a time-honoured way to lessen migraine pain.

And there’s one bonus. You can also purchase some essential oil, especially for migraine, to use along with the Icekap.

Cooling down can also help with insomnia, a common problem for migraine patients.

I’ve seen a lot of products like this over the years, but what I’ve seen so far from the Icekap is excellent. And this from a small start-up in Canada. This is why patients, not just experts, hold the key to fighting migraine.

Have you tried the Icekap? How have you used it? How has it helped the most?

Here’s a quick video with more information.

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  • Alison Mar 19, 2015

    This is a fab idea, but I would suggest that using icepacks from the freezer will make it difficult to lie down with that helmet on. The heat packs might be easier.

    I was expecting to see an ingenious method of using cooling panels that are cooled by batteries. (don’t ask me how that works!!). I would definitely want one then.

    Good luck with this one, though, and thanks for sharing with us migraineurs!

  • Rilla Mar 20, 2015

    This icekap would not work for me. I am extremely sensitive to temperatures when I’m suffering from migraines. Cold anywhere near or on me makes my migraines go through the roof. I know at the E.R. there have been times when the nurses have tried to put either a cool compress or an ice pack on my head. Each time my migraine got a thousand times worse, I required more medicines to stop it, and heated blankets to help warm me back up.
    One of my migraine symptoms is that I get very cold.

  • Andrea Jones Mar 21, 2015

    Thanks so much for the article! So great for us little guys!


  • Lisa LeBreton Apr 11, 2015

    Ive had Migraines all my life, as ive gotten older its been worse.I see the Aura,dizzy,vomit,can’t work,I’ve been on Disability for 2yrs n nothing works. I need to know if this is worth the $$ your asking. Please send a msg.

    • Lynn Brandt Jun 1, 2016


      I saw your comment on a link for Icekap where you shared about your extreme migraines. I get the same symptoms and they’re becoming progressively worse. I have been treated with many different medications, Botox and 4 hour fusions. Have you found a medication(s) that help manage your migraines? Thank you in advance.

  • Jen Apr 11, 2015

    I love my icekap! What the article doesn’t explain is that the helmet is soft fabric and the ice/heat gel packs are super soft and moldable. In answer to your concern Alison, it is very comfortable to lie down in and I have had many a restorative nap wearing mine 🙂

  • Lisa Beesley Apr 13, 2015

    Where do I order one for me?

  • Andrea Jones Apr 13, 2015

    HI Everyone, PLease feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions. I have some really great testimonials on my siteand you can purchase online at http://www.icekap.ca We all know that with out heavy duty prescription meds most migraines wont budge, however the icekap does provide major relief and comfort during these times. Some people insist that it completely cures their migraines. I invented Icekap and I still need meds when I have a full on spell but I couldnt live without it.

  • Annette Clements May 18, 2015

    I have a migracap and it has helped me for years. I got it in Ireland. I love it! I keep it in the refrigerator all the things me except when I need it. What are the differences between the two. I do not think I would want the gel packs frozen. I suffer from migraines although my migracaps have helped so much they are greatly reduced. Also what are the price of the Icekap?

  • Connie Pilkington May 30, 2015

    I have suffered with migraines for about 30 years now. Sensitive to light and sound, vomiting, eyes look like I have been hit and got a black eye. I have been fighting for Disability for 5 years. Nothing seems to help. Tried going to the website to get a price on this. Any info would help. Thanks

  • Jen Jul 5, 2015

    Where are the cold pics located in kap? I like the ice around my head, down and around my neck, but also on the top of my head, which is a bad spot for pain for me. How long do the cold packs stay cold and how intense is the cold?

  • Bryan Jun 2, 2016

    Suggestions for version 2.0
    *Fold down flap to cover eyes for light sensitivity
    *Maybe a swing down attachment to apply an ice pack, or damp cloth for the neck during nausea.

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