Headache from WiFi? Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Is it possible that wifi – cell phones – computers – basically, modern technology – could be at the root of your headache?

Is your cell phone giving you a headache?

That’s the claim of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).  Common symptoms of EHS include redness or tingling of the skin, fatigue, dizziness, headache, nausea, aches and pains, and heart palpitations.

Of course, these symptoms could be the result of a thousand things.  The trick is to rule out other conditions, and see some kind of evidence that the technology is the problem.

When it comes to EHS, the main concern is EMF exposure – electromagnetic fields.  EMF can come from anything as simple as a lamp, power lines – anything with voltage, and wireless signals (think cell towers, cell phones, iPods, etc).

Here’s the problem.  Studies have so far failed to convince most researchers that EHS is a significant problem.  First, even when it is accepted as a “real” condition, it’s extremely rare.  Second, tests in controlled conditions have found that most often those who thought they had EHS were probably more affected by other conditions than by things like wifi signals.

For example, the issue was significant enough for the World Health Organization to take notice, but their findings were not encouraging for those convinced they suffer from EHS.

But any migraineur who has done a bit of research will take notice of the word “hypersensitivity”.  We know that migraineurs have measurable wiring in their bodies that make their brains more sensitive.  Things that don’t bother the “average Joe” (who is that?  I’ve never met him…) can be serious concerns for someone with migraine disease.

It does seem to be the case that at least some of those who once thought they had EHS actually were suffering from undiagnosed conditions.  But there’s another issue – many of these electromagnetic fields are not alone.  They include other things that certainly may trigger migraine attacks – bright lights, flicker, noise – and so on.

So it is very possible that this modern technology is bothering you – but it’s a complex study to find out how or why.

In most countries, there are guidelines about how much EMF exposure you’ll get in a home.  However, some people watch out for things that can raise EMF – living close to high voltage power lines, wiring on the street, older appliances, and your proximity to appliances/computers/any electronics etc.

It’s not a bad thing to experiment with turning off and getting away from EMF.  However, this should be done with continued investigation into other causes and triggers.

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  • Travis Erbacher May 31, 2013

    Nope. No evidence it exists.

  • Travis Erbacher May 31, 2013

    And a huge pile of disconfirmatory evidence.

  • Michael Howard May 31, 2013

    i was just thinking about this the other day.

  • Aly Gragg May 31, 2013

    Get headaches from crap like this,,,,, kinda like someone saying to take an aspirin for A migraine .give me A break

  • pv Dec 15, 2015

    I get headaches around wifi if exposed for too long. Also from my smart phone when in use or nearby. There are scientific studies on rats proving there are biological changes in their brain and body when exposed to different kinds of technology. look up and read “dangers of wifi” The signal creates a vibration. It can go through cement, glass, etc. It goes through people. You get signals from cell towers or wifi to your phone. Some are more sensitive to it now, others not so much. But over time the 24/7 constant bombardment of wifi, etc. can take its toll on our immune system. I can tell how much better I feel without being around it.
    Read scientific articles. Read some of the 300 articles under dangers of wifi. Read peoples comments about it. It makes total sense. It is stronger radiation than we thought. Plus the layering effect with smart meters, multiple routers, turned on too high, cell phones everywhere, etc. creates more saturation in the environment. We don’t know all the long term effects yet.
    (Authorities used to think cigarette smoking was harmless also.)

  • Philip H. Simmons Feb 29, 2016

    I did a study in a battery factory many years ago and the electricity hit my head like a hammer, and the foreman said I was sensitive to power surges. If there is about to be an electrical storm I tell my wife before it occurs, and about two hours later all hell lets loose. Also today I had this problem a short while ago, and I have just read that there was a massive solar flare at 6.00 a.m. today. I had no previous knowledge of this. Philip

  • Marc May 8, 2016

    When exposed to a cell phone texting or talking I get a mild headache and my temporal bones. Look like then have been indented by appox 1/2 inch
    I also only on certain wi fi routers when I am in the same room with it I get that same headache sensation
    I have tried to figure this out for years but to no avail, any suggestions

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