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  1. Ann
    10 October 2009

    Thanks for posting this! Living in Santa Fe, NM (7000 ft), I meet a lot of people visiting from sea level areas who are having difficulty adjusting. I always suggest not trying to take on too much and drinking fluids as much as possible. When I moved here a year ago, I noticed a lot of the symptoms you listed. :) Thanks for all the great info as usual!

  2. MaxJerz
    12 October 2009

    I definitely have issues with altitude headaches, or change in altitude triggering a Migraine. I noticed it last summer when I was driving with my family up in the mountains, and several times when crossing through high-altitude mountain passes.

    One thing I’ve discovered that helps if you’re changing altitude rapidly (ie, driving over a mountain pass) is to take frequent breaks. During our most recent trip, we stopped the car several times on the way up and down the mountains, and I would get out and walk around for a few minutes. That way the change wasn’t quite so abrupt.

    From what I’ve read, certain medications (like Diamox) can also be prescribed to preventively treat altitude headaches, so that’s also something to keep in mind.

    Be well,

  3. Lena
    30 December 2009

    I read in the book/PDF that is from http://www.headachedrugs.com that altitude headaches can be prevented with a single dose of steroids before the flight. Friend did that coupled with meclizine and went from being in total agony on flights to being fine. I wish my headaches were that easy to solve!

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