How to do a “Headache Massage” (Video)

Everyone has a different theory about massage for headache, and/or migraine.  But sometimes it’s better just to do something, than to wonder about which to try, and end up doing nothing.

If you have someone who is willing to do a massage for you, this is an excellent start.  Watch this video together and then give it a try!

And while you’re here, tell us – what is your favourite type of massage?  What works best for the "typical" headache you have?

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  • Mary Kay Jan 26, 2009

    Hi James,
    Great idea..just from the female point of view, when I get my hair done my stylist will do a bit of a scalp and temple massage as she knows I get migraine. Saves me time going for a full massage and it really helps..

  • James Jan 26, 2009

    Kind of makes you want to go to the stylist every other day, doesn’t it? I’ll bet you either have great looking hair, or maybe very short hair! 😉

    Seriously though, that is nice. Even a short massage (the one above is pretty short, actually) can be a big help.

  • Kelly, FlywithHope Mar 8, 2009

    Thanks so much for this video link! I showed it to my husband and now he does a massage similar to this video every night because it really seems to help. We tweaked some things. I can’t tolerate pressure on my temples or my forehead. So, he avoids that area. But, because I have neck/occipital neuralgia stuff in addition to Migraine and New Daily Persistent Headache, the neck massage has really helps. Thanks again!

  • James Mar 13, 2009

    Right on! It’s great to have someone to “train” – hope you keep seeing improvement. 😉

  • Jamie Sep 16, 2009

    Thank you so much for this. I have occipital neuralgia and status migrainosis. I have had migraines and all sorts of other symptoms my whole life and nothing has ever worked. I also love the podcasts. Thanks for everything that you have on this site. My neurologist just wants to use meds and nerve blocks even though neither seem to help. I can use all the help I can get anymore.

  • aeries shine Jun 24, 2010


  • MigrainePal Jan 22, 2014

    Definitely sharing this little gem with my partner. Nice one.

  • Mary jo Oct 28, 2015

    If one actually addressed the trigger points in the shoulders, neck and head it would be 100% more effective. Learn what trigger points are CAUSING the headache and treat them and it will work so much better than a nice relaxing massage.

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