Light Therapy: Not Just for Migraine

When people think of light therapy, they often think of seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression that seems to hit some people during seasons when the days are shorter. And that kind of therapy makes sense to us – maybe some people just have trouble adjusting to seasons with less light.Light Therapy

But what is less known is that light therapy is something that is growing much broader. It includes various types of light, and various types of diseases and disorders.

For example, did you know what light therapy is being widely used to treat acne? Yup. And how about other types of depression? And psoriasis. And pain conditions. And, of course, migraine.

Light therapy is an important frontier in medicine because of the possibility of making it available to paitients at a very low cost, in their own homes.

Read more about the possibilities of light therapy, including the story of Donna, who has found relief from her migraine attacks through a certain type of light therapy: Testing the Healing Potential of Light

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