Magnesium for Migraine 2 – Combos?

Yesterday we talked about some of the things we’ve learned about magnesium supplements for migraine over the past few years.  Today I just want to briefly talk about one more topic – supplements that contain magnesium and something else.

Again, this is something you’ll need to talk to your doctor about.  But here are a few things that our visitors have said they are taking with magnesium.  The ones mentioned most often come first:

  1. CoQ10
  2. vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
  3. feverfew
  4. omega 3
  5. butterbur

Now that doesn’t include things like normal abortives and other medications.  Remember, magnesium will not always eliminate migraine, so usually you’ll use it to cut down on attacks/symptoms, and then compliment it with other treatments.

Now, sometimes these are taken as separate supplements.  But there are specially designed combinations of supplements that many have found useful for migraine.

Possibly the most popular is MigreLief, which is a combination of magnesium, riboflavin and feverfew.  I would say it’s the magnesium supplement most often mentioned by our visitors, and it has a lot of research behind it.

Another is actually not a preventative, but an abortive.  It’s called Migralex, and it contains magnesium and aspirin.  People have reported that taking magnesium supplements during an attack helps – and in fact, magnesium has long been given intravenously for migraine.

Now you can check some of the links above for more on these additional supplements, but here’s some of the things our visitors have said.  Note that I’m not always quoting their entire comment, just the relevant part.

Angela:  I was researching on your website, and came across the articles about magnesium, feverfew, and riboflavin.  I said to myself, why not try it??  Well, after only a week of taking the supplements, I was able to quit the daily headache powders, and now, after couple months, the headaches are non-existent most days, and just a dull ache that I can manage on one or two days a week!!

Laurie:  I have found after suffering from migraines since a child that taking the magnesium and 200 mg of co-enzyme Q 10 in the morning with breakfast is the golden ticket.  Would recommend taking a multi-vitamin and calcium with the evening meal.

okiegem:  Then, about two years ago, I read something somewhere about magnesium and coenzymeQ10, and tried them.  After a few weeks, I realized my migraines were GONE!  I take 400mg CoQ10 and 500mg magnesium oxide, which I get at the local Wal-Mart, and I really am migraine-free!  It has truly been life-altering.

Angie:  A friend from work told me that her Dr had told her about a Magnesium/Riboflavin (B2) combo that seemed to be helping her, I felt like I had nothing to lose by giving it a try.  IT WORKED!  The Mag Oxide was not overly helpful, but the Mag Citrate made all the difference in the world.

Liz:  I tried everything under the sun as well as multiple doctors and was at the end of my rope.  I too decided to take things into my own hands and weaned myself off topamax and zonisimide, then later depakote.  I now am ONLY taking supplements.  Magnesium, feverfew and CoQ10.

Dawn:  Magnesium, feverfew, butterbur, Vit. B and CoQ10 are what I’m using to control the migraines – doing much better and NO side effects!!

Does magnesium work for everyone?  Of course not.  Obviously I’m quoting from people who have found some success.  That way you can see what actually works in real life.

A note on Cluster Headaches

Before closing, one note about cluster headaches.  People with cluster have also responded to magnesium supplements, and intravenous magnesium.  Here’s an article about magnesium and Botox.  And here is what one website visitor had to say:

Terri:  I was very suspicious, after leaving the hospital, as to what affects the antibiotic was going to have on my body.  After leaning on YOUR SITE that, indeed, an antibiotic can deplete your system of magnesium (3 days ago), I started taking Magnesium 500 and B2 200 and noticed an immediate improvement.  We had some bad (rain) weather yesterday which increases my clusters so I can’t tell yet how much improvement I will ultimately have, but I’m thinking this may be the answer for me.

Thanks again for your emails and comments – they are a huge help to others!  Keep up the great commenting!

Speaking of commenting, if you have had success with a combo supplement with magnesium, now is your chance to leave a comment!

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  • Evelyn May 30, 2012

    I started taking magnesium citrate about 400 mg a day about a year and a half ago, and it helped reduce the severity of the migraines. I’ve since gone to 400 mg twice a day and added 400 mg of riboflavin, co q10, and a B-complex with extra niacin (for lowering cholesterol) and found that this combo really spaces them out (every three months or so, but I’m hoping for a cure). I may add feverfew as well. I tried the butterbur in the form of Petadolex and unfortunately it had the opposite reaction from what it was supposed to have and I felt awful on it. I stopped it after two weeks.

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