Migraine: 7 Things to Know NOW (especially if you don’t have migraine yourself)

Migraine: 7 Things to Know NOW

My first attempt to get across some key information for non-sufferers.  What would you add?

Migraine: 7 Things to Know NOW

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  • Candy Meacham Jun 22, 2013

    Can cause (as well) neck and shoulder pain, ear pain

  • KJ Jun 23, 2013

    i have no control over the irritibility and pushing my buttons doesn’t help…. this can happen before during or after a migraine attack…

  • Valerie Jun 23, 2013

    migraines can come on suddenly!! I may feel fine one minute and have a migraine the next. People seem to think that you making it up.

  • Kathy Jun 23, 2013

    Perfume an scented candles can trigger migraine, so if I’m visiting please refrain from using these products! Also, no overhead lighting, lamps only please.

  • Amber May 9, 2016

    Migraine can affect the vision, balance, and ability to focus. This makes some everyday activities dangerous for the migraine victim to carry out. (Such as driving a car.)

    Can’t tell you how many times people have scoffed at me for calling into work because I did not feel safe / competent to drive with a migraine.

  • Kenya May 9, 2016

    Can also cause, Memory issues & slurred speech. Triggers can be smells, heat & foods. I have had to explain that I can’t be around certain smells or eat or drink certain things because I don’t want to pay for it later. I have also had to avoid long periods outside, which some don’t understand.

  • Katy May 10, 2016

    If you can be up and walking around in well-lit places, that’s not a migraine, that’s a headache. I’m sick of people saying they have a migraine, leaving work and the posting that they got a pedicure and it helped them feel better… 😒

  • Isabel May 10, 2016

    Migraines changed my life. They took over my ability to function as I did before. I have to choose carefully what I do. Many unexpected triggers can still cause a migraine. I am mostly unhappy having to take heavy meds, even though they can help, they have major effects on my system.

    • Heather May 15, 2016

      I had a terrible one come a week ago. In the day I was starting a new job. Two hours into the shift I noticed my vision getting fuzzy, I felt dizzy and nauseous. Something triggered the migraine and i get sick.
      I got a different symptom than I had ever before. My sense of touch, in my right hand and my jaw has numbed for a bit. Do any of you know what that might be??

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