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  1. Emily
    6 October 2010

    Wow, explains the car sickness that I had all during my childhood!

  2. Beth
    8 October 2010

    Bingo! This is totally me. My migraines are completely vestibular-related.

  3. Jade
    12 October 2010

    I’ve had these migraines and taken maxalt, its the only thing thats worken for me except its really expensive even with insurance and your only allowed a few each month.

  4. Vickie
    23 October 2010

    I get migraines constantly and of course take whatever I can to get rid of them. Instead of taking more drugs for motion sickness I take two ginger capsules when traveling. This works really well for me.

  5. Angie
    23 October 2010

    My neurologist laughed at me when I stated that traveling was one of my triggers. So glad now I have some research to back me up! One thing tht works for me is the motion sickness wristbands. It might be mind or matter but whatever works with less drugs!

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