Migraine Art (video)

For some time I’ve wanted to highlight some of the fantastic headache art and migraine art that is being submitted by visitors like you.  The YouTube video below will give you a glimpse of the reality of living with various types of migraine, and also an insight into the incredible creativity and talent that’s out there.

Why migraine art?  Art has a way of speaking when words aren’t enough.  You can express incredible pain, actual visual hallucinations, frustration, and hope.  Art is also used as a way to make better diagnosis.

After some testing, I want to make this a permanent feature, which means you can share your migraine art here.  And it’s not limited to migraine – cluster headache patients are welcome, as well as those with tension type headache and various chronic headache types.

Do you want to use art to help your loved ones understand?  An excellent resource is Migraine Expressions.  Also you’ll want to have a closer look at the art in the video here.  The artists explain their pictures, and other people (like you!) can leave comments!

Also, if you missed it, be sure to read the interview with Jim Chambliss here and here, who is conducting a study on migraine art and epilepsy art.  You may want to be a part of the study.

Thanks to everyone who has given us new insight by sharing their art.  If you want to share yours, you can do so here.

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