Migraine Free Diet, Red Wine, and a Cookbook Giveaway!

Is a migraine free diet really possible?  As with many things related to migraine, the answer is yes and no!

The good news is that many people actually have found their very own migraine free diet.  That means that they have tracked down a food or some foods or a type of food that seemed to be triggering the majority (or all) of their migraine attacks.  When they cut it/them from their diet, they found that their migraine attacks drastically decreased or disappeared.

The problem is that everyone is different.  One person may find that bananas trigger migraine attacks, another may have no problem with them (or even find that their healthier with more bananas!).

Recently a study was done on a typical migraine trigger – red wine.  The study chose people who believed that red wine had triggered attacks in the past.

Migraine free diets and red wine

Each participant drank a half a bottle of a different type of red wine at least four days apart.

The result?  A few didn’t have a single attack (12%).  About half had attacks on at least two occasions.

Why didn’t more attacks occur?  For one thing, few triggers are going to cause problems all the time.  It’s probably more a matter of going over the line – too many triggers adding up.

But in this case, researchers also found that some red wines were worse than others.  Prime offenders?  Tannat and Malbec wines – possibly because of the higher tannin content. (see below for more on tannins)

This just illustrates again how tricky it can be to find a truly migraine free diet.

However, here are some migraine diets and other tips that have helped people in the past.  Take a look, then see below for information on the cookbook giveaway!

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for!  I know many of you have some great migraine-fighting recipes.  Now’s your chance to help migraineurs around the world – share your recipe!  It’s easy!

Just find a recipe that at the very least avoids the most common migraine triggers.  Make it healthy, easy and fun!  And share it with us here – Share your Migraine-Fighting Recipe!

If you want to get really fancy, you can even upload a picture or two of the finished product!

If you’ve shared a really great recipe, you might just find yourself the owner of a free migraine cookbook!

Once we have 10-20 recipes, I’ll take a look for one that really stands out from the crowd.

And who knows?  If the recipes keep coming in, I might just give away some more cookbooks!

So go ahead – check out the details here!

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