Migraine as Virtual Reality (Don’t Miss This Video)

It was over 10 years ago that Ortho-McNeil Neurologics, Inc. set up the “migraine simulator” as a part of their campaign to promote Topomax. Now, the makers of Excedrin, Novartis, have used the power of virtual reality to make a new migraine simulator with a difference.

This time, it’s not a simulator for the general public. It was make specifically for certain people. The Excedrin website explains it this way:

Because every migraine is personal, Excedrin® collaborated with each sufferer to mirror exactly what she usually goes through. A virtual reality specialist programmed the simulator to replicate each sufferer’s individual migraine symptoms, whether they were sensitivity to light or aura (or both).

Excedrin® then asked the non-sufferers to take on a regular day with a migraine.

Obviously the headache pain could not be duplicated, so the focus was on visual aura (which not all migraine patients experience) and sensitivity to light (much more common).

Do not miss watching this video. If you’ve experienced either of these symptoms, or even other similar symptoms, it may even be hard for you to watch. But I’m guessing many of you will want to show this to a friend and/or family member. It shows, in a unique way, how powerfully disabling migraine can be.

Thankfully, the simulator can be taken off. My favourite part is “I’ve got to stop … that … “

To see more of the personal stories behind this summary video, visit the Exedrin website here.

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  • Linus Hollis Apr 12, 2016

    I love that this device is around, but my aura differs. It makes driving, bicycling, walking, most chores impossible. It’s the warning sign that the headband of pain is coming. The hyperacousis will follow, too. I do not go anywhere without Feverfew. I hope everyone else can find something so simple to stop their migraines while they’re starting up.

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