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As everyone should know by now, there’s going to be a Facebook giveaway happening sometime in the next week and a half!  That giveaway is the result of a generous donation from Sobek Therapeutics – four three-month supplies of Migramin, a new migraine preventative!

Migramin for Migraine Prevention

Just to clarify again – four winners will be receiving a three month supply, free of charge, courtesy of Sobek Therapeutics.

As we mentioned before, Migramin is a combination of three well-known migraine-fighting ingredients:  magnesium, feverfew, and riboflavin.

As with any medication or supplement, you may try one and find it doesn’t work – only to try a different formulation or brand of the same thing and find it works great.

That’s why the makers of Migramin have looked at some of the latest research into what actually works.  Let’s take a quick look at each ingredient:

Magnesium:  One of the most important issues with magnesium is making sure it actually gets absorbed well by the body.  That’s why some types of magnesium work and others are almost useless for migraine patients.

Migramin uses a special formulation of dimagneisum malate, which should be a lot easier on your gastrointestinal system.  It’s also much easier for your body to absorb.

Want to know another secret about Migramin?  We mentioned before that the magnesium comes in three capsules.  Why?  Because you now have the option to spread out the dosage throughout the day if you find that works better for you.

Feverfew:  Feverfew has long been helpful to migraine patients.  I talked to Dan Shollenberger, Director of Analytics at Sobek Therapeutics to find out what they did to make sure the feverfew in Migramin would help as many people with migraine as possible.  Here’s what he said:

We did an immense amount of research on feverfew.  Specifically we tried to understand why the available clinical data was very inconsistent with feverfew.  What we determined is that nearly all of the feverfew on the market is derived from a chemical extract process.  We believe that this process is inconsistent and does not capture all of the key phytochemicals present in feverfew.  We opted to go with harvesting organically grown feverfew (grown in the US) and freeze drying the material immediately after harvest.  This process yields product that is as close to the traditional “Take two leafs” dosage that was used in the most successful studies.  Additionally we standardize our dosage to ensure that the consumer is getting 543ug of parthenolide in each capsule.  Consistent dosing is a key factor in developing an effective treatment.

This special method of getting the feverfew to you may make all the difference.  The standardized parthenolide is, as most researchers know, key in providing a useful feverfew supplement.

Riboflavin (vitamin B2):  Once again, the makers of Migramin searched through clinical trials to find out what dosage of riboflavin would be the most helpful, and then searched the world to find a high quality supplier.  The result was a 400mg dosage each day.  Riboflavin is critical to energy and brain function.

Facebook giveaway

To learn more about Migramin, check out their website here.

Make sure you’re watching Facebook for your chance to win.  I’ll give you a clue – the giveaway will be happening in the next week and a half, and it will involve responding to a post on our Facebook page.

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  • Julie Apr 30, 2014

    I have started taking magnesium and a vitamin b complex.
    I have tried feverfew on its own in the past.I found an old bottle with no expiry date, i wonder if this goes out of date?.
    I would like to try this combination tablet.

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