More on the NTI-tss device (with video)

The NTI-tss device continues to be a valuable tool in the fight against migraine.  It doesn’t involve any drugs – just a custom made device that you wear in your mouth through the night.  For many people, the results have been very good.

Migraine attacks are often triggered by excessive clenching and/or grinding of your jaw at night.  Not only can this increase migraine attacks, it also lowers quality of life by adding often daily dull headaches.  The NTI-tss device is designed to help people in this category, as Dr. Andrew Blumenfeld explains in this video:

The information on migraine may be nothing new to you, but the video is a good reminder that often migraine patients have constant pain that is ignored because of the more obvious flashes of migraine pain.

How the NTI-tss device works

The idea behind the NTI-tss device is this.  By keeping the teeth slightly apart, particularly the molar and canine teeth, the device makes it physically impossible for you to clench as intensely.  The muscle activity (hyper-activity) is drastically reduced.

For many people, this eliminates a major migraine trigger, and also reduces or eliminates the daily, dull headache that they wake up with.

The research around the NTI-tss device has gone forward quite a bit since we last talked about it.  Depending on your response to an initial fitting, or depending on your particular issues, you may be fitted with slightly different devices in different ways.

Talk to your dentist and find out if they are using the NTI-tss device, and if they have used it to treat migraine patients.  If you’re in Canada, there’s a directory of dentists here.

Let me leave you with a video of someone being fitted with the device.  It’s a very easy process (I’ve had it done myself).

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