New Migraine Drugs: What About CGRP?

What about CGRP?

CGRP – calcitonin gene-related peptide neurotransmitter.  Sends messages in your body related to PAIN.

Is CGRP blocking the new frontier of migraine medicine?

Actually, CGRP blocking could be one reason why triptan drugs work.  But some researchers believe that better drugs targetting CGRP could better block migraine symptoms with fewer side effects.  Researchers want to use antibodies to stop CGRP in its tracks.

Who’s working on these drugs?

  • Labrys Biologics:  A drug called LBR-101
  • Arteaus Therapeutics:  A drug called LY2951742
  • Amgen:  A drug called AMG 344
  • Alder Biopharmaceuticals:  A drug called ALD 403

For more on CGRP and these upcoming drugs, read The Secret of CGRP and Place your bets–A horse race emerges in the migraine space

Currently recruiting for clinical trials:  Amgen’s AMG 334

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  • Casper Jan 21, 2015

    Will this new medication, CGRP, stop migraines that are triggered by weather changes?

    • Amy Aug 6, 2016

      I get migraines from the weather too.i wish I could do something for them too.

      • Casper Aug 8, 2016

        Hi Amy Thanks for commenting on my question. As far as I know, other than watching for fronts to come on the weather forecast, it is a best guess. But on days where the glare is bad, I tip the blinds in my house to help prevent a trigger. Let me know if you read or hear anything. Thanks, Casper

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