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  1. Christine
    18 May 2010

    Yes! I take this and have for years, for migraine. For 20 years I woke up everyday with a headache, and when my doctor put me on a low dose of Nortrip. these headahes vanished! I only take 25mg/bedtime and have not had any bad experiences with the side effects. I have since also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so I am thinking this Nortrip. is helping that as well. PLUS I love the fact that Notrip. is one of the $4 medicines available at WalMart :)

    • James
      23 June 2010

      Nothing like an inexpensive medication that actually works for you! :)

  2. RhondaL
    17 June 2010

    Just a heads-up, I took Nortripyline for about a year and gained a lot of weight on it. So, that’s something to ask the doctor about.

    • James
      21 June 2010

      Yes, weight changes are a possible side effect of Nortriptyline. In other words, gaining or losing. But it’s not as common as some of the other side effects.

  3. Melinda
    21 June 2010

    Thanks, James! I’ve had migraines for about 10 years and transformed migraines for over 4. When I met my current neurologist, I was experiencing what felt like the same headache for 6 weeks straight. He switched Neurontin for Topamax, and when I lost a great deal of weight, he suggested we try Nortriptylin. We’ve leveled off at 40mg daily–also taken at bedtime–and except for accidental food triggers, I have been blessedly pain-free.

    • James
      23 June 2010

      That’s great! And how are things going with the food triggers? Are you able to avoid them?

      • Melinda
        23 June 2010

        I have a pretty good handle on the food, although it took me years to really get it. I’m a textbook tyramine case, but I think of it as “aged protein”–no nuts, no cheese, no deli meat, no leftovers. Of course it’s more complicated than that, but it makes it easier to explain to waiters and coworkers.

  4. Scott
    23 November 2010

    Just started taking this medication for sleeplessness due to chronic back pain.. Also have suffered from Migraines in the past.. I hope this will provide the relief and sleep needed to regain my normal daily routine..This is a substitute for the more addictive and less afffective valium and xanax taken in the past..Any opinons or similar cases would be appreciated on the effectiveness of this drug..Thanks..

  5. marylyne
    27 May 2011

    My doctor just put me on Nortriptyline today 10mg I have been throwing up and very tired the next day. Is this expected, and I am concerned about gaining weight on this drug even though it is a low dosage.

  6. Sarag
    25 June 2011

    I have been taking Nortriptyline for about a year now for migrane prevention. I am taking 20mg a night, and found that my migranes diminished completely. I tried to lower the dose myself, and started taking 10mg a night, and learnt after about 6 weeks of doing this dose that it was too low, as the migranes returned. I have not put weight on taking it, so it is fantastic for me

  7. trina
    24 December 2011

    i have been dealing with migranes for years and have tried several medications with little help or no help. i am now taking nortriptyline 25mg and the doctor wants me to increase up to 75mg in about 3 weeks. but i also have anxiety and depression and take cymbalata 60mg. i have read up on nortriptyline is given for depression /anxiety too. so i am wondering if i can stop taking cymbalata and just take nortriptyline. i am 31 years old and take enough rx medications. i do have appt to see and talk to my doctor about the possible change too. but i just wanted someone’s opinion before then.


  8. Sarah
    28 December 2011

    I have just gone back on Nortriptyline, after going off it and trying topamax, as i also have a tremour which I thought I could kill two birds with one stone by using topamax. The side effects I haad on topamax were just not worth it. Nortriptyline is just a godsend for me with my migranes, so I am sticking to it now

    • MARGO
      7 November 2013

      I had a terrible reaction to topamax, it irritated my stomach so much I ended up with severe gastritis. I am now on 10mg of nortriptyline for the migraines. I have been on it for three weeks but have not seen a great decrease in frequency of headaches but they are not as dibilitating as before so hopefully as I am on it longer I will see a decrease in the headaches. The quality of life goes down the drain for those of us aflicated with these headaches.

  9. Jocelyn
    12 March 2012

    Have anyone taken this Med for MS pain?

    • kazinmich
      26 July 2012


      I take this for my neurological pain caused by MS. I get the tingling, burning, twitching sensations down my arms and in my face/neck that drive me insane. Since taking this – 50mg at bed time – my neurological feelings have been gone. The only time they act up is if I push myself too hard or get too stressed. I also no longer have migraines, so this has been great for me!

      • dale
        28 September 2012

        is anyone still paying attention to this forum everytime I find one that has somewhat to do with me, noone replies.

  10. pam
    21 April 2012

    I was taking nortrip. And had the worse dreams ever. So I stop taking it .Now I have nerve pains in my legs. Arms and hands . What to do….

  11. Elnora
    25 April 2012

    Nortriptyline has been more or less a miracle drug for me. Before I started it, I was getting headaches every single day and severe migraines 2-3 times a week. Within a few days of starting the drug, the daily headaches were gone and the migraines reduced to maybe once a week. When I do get them, they are less severe and respond better to triptans. I gained some weight on the nortriptyline and tried to reduce the dose, only to have the headaches come back. I upped the dose and the headaches went away again. Now, I don’t care about my weight…..it’s an acceptable trade off for the pain relief. Even better, my month’s supply of the drug only runs me about 4 dollars. I highly, highly recommend nortriptyline to anybody suffering from chronic migraines and daily headaches.

  12. kim
    14 June 2012

    im currently taking Nortriptyline. i think its making me depressed. i was so angry at myself a day i thought of stabbing myself with a knife&i till cant get it off my mind. i just feel like hurting myself. my doctor recommended it for headaches. is it possible that d medication is causing a bad side effect on me.

    • KT
      15 June 2012

      Kim I read that feelings of self harm can be a side effect, you should definitely talk to your doctor asap. Make sure you are near someone who can look out for you while you’re feeling like this. Don’t listen to those feelings you’ll be ok just go and see you doctor. Take care!

  13. Jane
    25 July 2012

    I have severe osteoarthritis, stenosis and bulging disks at L 4-6 and have just been started on Nortrip. Has this been of help to anyone else with back problems?

  14. Stavesacre
    12 August 2012

    I have been taking this drug for about 3 months for testicular pain , and the pain is gone I take 50mg at night , I also have had terrible migraines as well and I have no pain , happy happy(;

  15. Cher
    31 August 2012

    I am taking numerous medication, I mean numerous. Some for back pain, neck pain, depression, headaces, anxiety, knee pain and fibromyalgia. A close friend told me about this medication. I am going to my doctor to ask her about this. I will let you guys know what happens. I am so excited. If I can take one pill instead of these others that are addicting, I will be so happy and hopefully, painless or at least in less pain. Cher

  16. dale
    28 September 2012

    I have been going to therapy and the therapist recommended I have primary physician perscrribe me an anti depressant. I didnt have great results with celexa or cymbalta so I am starting Nortriptyline at bedtime tonight. Also I have been having very flush feeling face, migraines, dizzyness, annyoying numb right foot very often, faint feeling when I go out in public or to work.I have had the migraines for alot in life but everything else seem to intensify after loss of my father. I had had many tests MRI, cardivascular test, ekg. cspine xrays, bloodwork done on a few instances and everything comes back ok or normal so they say But I have missed more work FMLA etc for these symptoms. I do visit a chiropractor for pinched nerves, go to therapy, on blood pressure meds and gabapentin, seen a neuro surgeon. I dont know what more i can do but i dont believe these numbness and faint feelings are just in my head.

  17. Leslie
    10 October 2012

    I have a history of back problems since I had surgery (laminetomy L-4-5) 21 years ago.I started getting sharp pain into my groin area and went through the whole mess again with MRI’s ect. I was told my pain is from my back although I do have arthritis in my hip.My Dr. put me on Nortriptyline(25mg.) I was wondering if there are other people with chronic back pain who have tried this med and how well does it work because even narcotic meds barely take the edge off my pain and then only briefly.

  18. Mindy
    31 October 2012

    Have any of you ever had your hands hurt & tingle while taking Nortriptyline? My daughter is taking it & woke up with them hurting really bad. I called the dr & he said she should keep taking it but I’m worried cuz online it said that could be an allergic reaction. Just wondering if anyone else had this happen

  19. Leslie
    3 November 2012

    After trying the nortriptyline (25mg) I felt no diference the Dr. put me up to 50mg and I felt really depressed.I have been told by my primary physician that I have A.D.D.and that I have adverse effects of most meds.for example, valium/ xanax gets me going and antidepressants make me more depressed to the point I don’t want to get up or do anything..I feel like I am wired backwards.Is there anyone else have any answers?It seems all the Drs. wantto load me up with tons of these antidepressants which make me feel horrible and what really works for my back pain (narcotics) they won”t give me because it”s addictive.Whats the difference if I have to take something every day anyway?[email protected]

  20. TW
    18 April 2013

    I’ve been taking this med for 3 weeks for migraines, chronic pain and sleeplessness . Two weeks was at 25mg and now I’m taking 50mg.
    Neither doses have had any significant help to me but plenty of side effects. I’m not sleeping anymore that my usual 3-4 hrs per day, I’ve gained about 6#, haven’t had any sweet cravings though, still have 1-3 migraines per week, chronic pain back/neck and constipation and severe rashes on my face, neck and chest (left dark marks)
    I know it a few months to know if a medicine works but I don’t think this one is working and my Dr doesn’t seem concerned by the adverse effects. I have added more veggies to my already lean low-fat diet to see if that helps w the weight gain and drink lots of water (10c).

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