Now You can Fight Weather related Migraine with the Migraine Barometer

Yes – great news! The Migraine Barometer is back!

If you’ve followed this site for the past few years, you know that we have had frequent supply problems with the Migraine Barometer, and it’s been unavailable for months at a time. But for the time being it is available again, and you can order it here.

The Migraine Barometer

After many years of research, hearing your stories, and – personal experience – I know that changes in the weather trigger migraine attacks in many people. Sometimes severe, difficult to treat, attacks.

One tool that we’ve used to identify and fight migraine attacks that tend to come with barometric pressure changes is to track those changes with this electronic barometer.

You can read more about why this barometer is unique right here, but in summary it actually charts changes in pressure, so that you can see how fast the weather is changing. This will help you identify what is triggering your weather-related attacks.

The barometer can even be set to sound an alarm if the weather is changing too quickly, so that you can take preventative measures and stop the migraine attack before it starts.

Thanks to those who have taken the time to email to let me know how much the barometer has helped them. I’m glad to be able to offer it again.

Again, read more about the Migraine Barometer here, and you can find the order page here.

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