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  1. Victoria
    17 July 2008

    While recovering in hospital after surgery a few years ago, I developed a bad headache (probably migraine). The nurse on duty gave me oxygen and my migraine disappeared almost immediately–it was incredible. I mentioned this to my neurologist and she said that oxygen is usually used to treat cluster headaches. Ever since this happened, I’ve been kind of surprised that oxygen isn’t offered as a migraine treatment.

  2. Mike
    22 September 2008

    I have been asking to try oxygen for years and none of my Neurologists would entertain the idea on a short term basis. My migraines are most predominately dictated by smell. Bad smells (heavy perfume, car exhaust, hot muggy air etc,) make or even trigger a migraine. I also can tell if an attack is coming as my sense of smell is greatly enhanced. I start asking people if they smell the same thing I am experiencing and they look at me like I am out of it. I used to work at a nylon plant where they blanketed the polymer with CO to purge the residual monomer. You cannot smell CO but I could always tell with some certainty when someone would leave the visual port hole open and some CO was in the air. I hope they will do more testing.

  3. Chris
    22 September 2008

    It took a couple years but finally my doctor brought up the subject of oxygen for my cluster headaches. Now I can’t see living with out it. If you suffer cluster headaches you must try it, demand it. I primarily get them in my sleep (not exclusively), sometimes four a night. At least I can manage to get some sleep with the oxygen. They only last maybe 10 to 15 minutes verses an hour or two. I have a prescription for it which totally covered by insurance. They re-up the tanks as needed. My first try at it they gave me the little nose clip to deliver it, then they realized they should have given me the mask. Plus, the first gauge I got only went to #10 which isn’t enough, the one I have now does 15. I almost wish It had #20 on it. The doctor probably wouldn’t recomend it but, I ditched the mask a long time ago and just huff from the tube. I’ve suffered for more than 10 years with cluster headaches, I know why they dub them “suicide migraines”, they are unbearably painful. Demand to try it!! It’s helped me cope like nothing yet. I can only hope to help someone dealing with the same pains I’m dealing with. Keep talking cluster patients, we’re the minority (less research dollars/profits), we need to figure it out. Good luck out there.

  4. James
    23 September 2008

    Thanks, Chris! It’s good to hear from someone who has tried it. I still can’t believe it took your doctor two years to recommend it! Thanks for adding your voice to the discussion.

  5. James
    23 September 2008

    And thanks, Victoria and Mike for your comments. Mike, I get the same “super-sensitive” nose as you do. It can drive you crazy!

    Oxygen is sometimes used for migraine. I hope more research will be done.

  6. Mathew
    24 March 2010

    Helllo fellow sufferers, I am 47 t/o and I have suffered with chronic cluster for 30 years now (ouch) I tried oxygen 25 years ago and what a difference it made. After moving from Fla. to Ohio I could not get a doctor to give me a script for it until this past week , WOW life is good now. The attacks last only 10 to 20 minutes a night compared to 60 to 80 minutes. and just a note for you people out there, try ice in a sock on your head (it does help) with the oxygen.
    I wish there was a way to get the world to understand our pain.

  7. luis
    6 April 2010

    Hey guys (HELP) im a 16 going to 17 years old. I get these HARD headache called migraine! its really hard for me because im on football & track, and sometimes i get those MIGRAINES and i cant even play!! not even see!! i went to the Drs. and i told him that the migraine started with a little dot blocking my sight, then getting bigger and bigger, then it fades out and thats when the PAIN comes! i’ve been seeing ur comments and i’ve seen that you all guys have been feeling better! and i heard something about oxygen? but i don’t understand? please help me. these headaches are killing me!! i really really need help.

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