A Quick Update on Cefaly for Migraine

The Cefaly device is a non-invasive, migraine-fighting external trigeminal nerve stimulator (e-TNS) device used daily to prevent migraine attacks. It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Cefaly, so here’s what’s new.

First, yes, migraine patients do continue to find relief using Cefaly. As with any treatment, that doesn’t mean everybody, but it is still a recommended treatment.

New design

Cefaly 2

Ignore those old pictures floating around the internet – this is what Cefaly looks like now.

Cefaly has been refined – and is now sold as Cefaly 2 or Cefaly II (ok, they just call it Cefaly, because the old version is no longer being made). So what’s the difference?

Cefaly 2 is more compact and portable. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery (instead of using AAAs like the old version). Also, it’s simply more functional – patients have a lot more control over pausing sessions and changing intensity so that they can customize treatment.


Also, Cefaly is more available than ever. If you’re interested, click through to your country below:

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