Review of i-omega premium fish oil

I keep wanting to dismiss the benefits of fish oil, but I just can’t do it.  The evidence continues to be strong that it can help you in a number of ways.  I won’t rehash everything here – but you can read a little about the benefits of fish oil and omega-3s in this post.

However, several months ago I told you that I was going to try a new fish oil supplement, called i-omega premium fish oil.  Well, I did!  So I’m back to report.

For some people the common complaint is the fishy smell of these supplements, or "fish burp" (yes, tasting fish when you burp after taking the supplement).  In the case of i-omega premium fish oil, there is very little fishy smell.  However, I’m convinced that if you’re getting real, potent, fish oil, there will be some.

This supplement is very pure and the gelcaps are very small, so you’re taking less and they’re easier to swallow than some.  You can further minimize any problems by taking them in the morning or afternoon with a meal.

Two or three of the small softgels pack quite a punch – 806mg or 1209mg, around the right quantity for fighting migraine (from the studies we’ve seen so far).  And it’s a lot better than some of the horse pills that are out there, filled with some questionable ingredients.  Instead, these come with an anti-oxident blend (rosemary extract, mixed tocopherols, ascorbyl palmitate, citric acid).

In the end, I would consider these the best that I’ve tried so far.  If you’re going to spend the money on a supplement, go for quality rather than something with generic on the shelf.

You can find i-omega premium fish oil here.

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