Staying Hydrated when Flying

A recent article at Lifehacker has a good reminder for those prone to migraine attacks – stay hydrated when you fly.

flight over water

Water on the outside, dry on the inside!

We’ve discussed tips for avoiding “airplane headache” here before. But airplane headache is, oddly enough, not the only type of headache you can get from flying. You may also trigger another type of headache from changes in pressure, not moving around enough, or not staying hydrated.

The Lifehacker article notes that airplanes are extremely dry. Plus, added sweating and activity before and after travel, and limited access to fluids – it’s very easy to get dehydrated.

I’ll let you read their tips for yourself. These tips alone could help many people avoid headache on travel days, although it will depend on what type of headache you have.

However, as you’re motivated to stay more hydrated on your next flight, you might also want to plan ahead – and get an isle seat. Just sayin’.

How to Keep Properly Hydrated on a Long Flight (Lifehacker)

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