SUMAVEL DosePro – Patients like needle free injections

Patients like DosePro needle free injections – at least compared to their previous triptan treatment.their phase 4 clinical study, which was an open label study to see if triptan patients were happy with the switch to SUMAVEL DosePro, a needle free injection system for sumatriptan we’ve talked about before.  The results say that patients who currently use triptans in the treatment of multiple migraine attacks reported a higher level of satisfaction, confidence and preference for SUMAVEL DosePro.

The results will be published in the September issue of the journal Headache, The Journal of Head and Face Pain.

The leading author of the study was Dr. Roger K. Cady, associate executive chairman of the National Headache Foundation board of directors.  Dr. Cady says about DosePro:

"The Phase 4 study results support the use of SUMAVEL DosePro as an important treatment option for migraine patients, such as those with aggressive, rapid-onset attacks.  It provides a fast-acting and easy-to-use injectable triptan therapy option for patients to use as part of their migraine toolbox in conjunction with their oral triptan medications so that the right medication can be used for specific attacks."

Read more in Multiple Migraine Attacks – Promising Results For SUMAVEL DosePro Phase 4 Clinical Trial

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  • Christy Pegram Aug 15, 2011

    Used it once and it as more painful then a actual needle. Left a briuse on my stomach and the site hurt/burn for a few days. Would have much rather had a needle than the burst of air that pushes the mdicine into the skin.

    • James Aug 16, 2011

      Hi Christy,

      You’re right, the needle free injection isn’t painless (maybe someday!). Thanks for your input!

  • Stephanie Aug 22, 2011

    I agree. I thought the needle free thing hurt like a mofo (excuse the language). The first time I used it, I was in my office. Not expecting it to hurt, when it went off, I involuntarily let off a stream of obscenities that had people come running. They also cause me to bruise quite a bit. The other thing I find is that they often “misfire.” However, if you call the customer service number, they will send you replacements. With that said, the medicine does seem to work. I do use them, I would just assume use a needle though.

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