The NTI-tss device

For people with TMD (Temporomandibular Disorders), "splints" for the teeth have been a major treatment.  But there’s much more available than just the basic splint.  Basic bite, clenching and grinding problems can cause headaches and tension.

Splints don’t work for everyone, and there are many different types.  In HeadWay issue 10 we talked about a cheap solution that works for some people.  But others are still looking for solutions.  One of the newer types is the NTI-tss device, which is approved in the USA for migraine prevention.  It’s designed to not be "clench-friendly" – to help your jaw properly relax without clenching or grinding.  The device can also be made for children with headache.  Visit this site for more on how the NTI-tss device works.  It’s now available in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, South Africa, Singapore, Norway, and many more countries.

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  • Elizabeth Lewis Sep 22, 2008

    I have been suffering weekly headaches/migraines, lasting up to 3 days, for over 5 years and have tried all sorts of preventative/management therapies. I have also complained of TMJ issues and just recently read about the association with headaches, jaw, neck and shoulder pain etc. My dentist suggested I try a ‘Bite Soft Anterior Splint’ and since using this device (for just over a month) I have had not had to have an Imigran injection – compared to an average of 4/month for many years. My facial pain has diminished greatly as have the really painful headaches/migraines. I still have had a few little “niggles” but my chiropractor has been able to get rid of these in just one visit!!! I have had a marked improvement in my quality of life and hopefully things will continue to improve. Thus, I urge anyone with pain similar to mine to read about TMJ disorders and consider trying a device such as I have 🙂

  • James Sep 23, 2008

    That’s great news, Elizabeth!

    The doctor I talked to about the NTI-tss device had had remarkable success. It works in such a way to keep muscles from clenching in the way they typically do. He had seen a dramatic improvement in almost all of his patients. That’s just one practitioner, but I think it says something that this device has been so popular.

  • Jasmine Aug 28, 2009

    Do I trust devices like this minimize pain if you have TMJ-type headaches, facial tension, or you clench/grind your teeth? Yes. Do I believe or trust the claim that this device can prevent Migraines? Absolutely not. That would be like a drug company claiming they can prevent Epilepsy because they can minimize your seizures.

    Epilepsy is the disease and seizures are the symptom just like headaches are a symptom of Migraine disease. To say you can prevent Migraine is an extremely misleading statement – one that takes advantage of the millions of Migraineurs attempting to find that one thing – anything – that will prevent their next attack.

  • Gwen Aug 28, 2009

    I have had migraines for 12 years, the past almost 4 mts has been constant head pain for me. I am on propanalol, tompamax, and imitrex nasal sprays for them. These are not helping at all. Narcotics have been tried to no avail. Finally my neuro suggested botox for them. I had the injections a week and a day ago. Suddenly I have no head pain! I still seem to get the migraines but not the pain or nausea associated with them. The pounding of my head with no pain is strange to feel. But to tell you the honest truth, being out of pain has made such a difference. I am going to look into this splint you have linked to. I am not able to wear the traditional splints as I don’t tolerate them at all. I have to wear a cpap at night and have had to go to the nose pillows because the other was just too much pressure on my head.

  • Wendy Feb 17, 2011

    I had an NTI fitted many years ago. My dentist found out about it when trying to find a cure for his migraines. I used mine to prevent me grinding my teeth in my sleep because the NTI doesn’t allow the back teeth to join. Instantly no more headaches, neck aches and no more worn teeth. To see how it works, grind your back teeth while placing your hands over your top jaw joints and feel the muscles working. Then place a pencil between your front two teeth and try to grind again. This is what happens with an NTI in place. Because your muscles don’t do much with your front teeth there is no damage to the front teeth with the NTI in place. I thank my lucky stars that my dentist was a great thinker and could see the use for the NTI outside of curing headaches. If your migraines are caused by excessive straining of your jaw and neck mucsles then the NTI will solve this problem for you, literally overnight!

  • joseph Mar 20, 2011

    I have had an NTI device now for 3 weeks. It seems to work very well for me. Actually, during this period I have been able to move out of extreme insomnia (as in not sleeping despite sleeping medications, strong ones). right now I am taking a little melatonin before bed and sleeping fantastically. I am very excited about the NTI and anxious to know about the experience of others.

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