Migraine: Does your face hurt?

Facial pain in migraine

A small study published in June suggested that almost 9% of migraineurs have facial pain during an attack.  Now this is of course another of those chicken-and-egg questions, because some of those patients likely have jaw issues that are triggering migraine attacks.  But others simply have migraine attacks that cause the facial pain.  Read about the study from Germany, Prevalence of facial pain in migraine: a population-based study.

In fact, in rare cases, there is something rare called isolated facial migraine, where the pain in the face is the main feature of the migraine.

Sometimes treatment for the jaw is needed, such as an NTI-tss device.  In other cases, when the pain is coming from the migraine attack, simply treating migraine as a whole will solve the facial pain issue as well.

What about you?  Do you have facial pain during an attack?  What’s it like?

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  • Christy Apr 9, 2012

    Ok. I think it might be time to see a doctor for me. I have never been a headache sufferer but for the past 5 days my life has completely changed. #1 is the pain behind my left eye, next comes the pain of my gums/ teeth on my left side, left side of my face (including nose) is last. It is becoming unbearable and exceed run isn’t helping. In a weird way it sometimes feels like brain freeze x1000000000. I just need it to go away. SOMEONE PLEEEASEE HELP. Btw I’m a 25 year old woman.

    • jane Apr 10, 2012

      Christy, that sounds like a bad molar. I had one recently, if you go to a neurologist ask them for a “migraine blast.” This is steriods they give you and in 3 days it cleared up my infection and let me target the pain which was coming from my molar. It was an old root canal gone bad. Had it pulled the week after and no more migraines for me!! Soooo happy to be done with those. The longer you leave the tooth, the worse it gets and it gets ugly. Get your teeth checked!

      • Pam Apr 11, 2012

        I had those same symptoms but didn’t have a bad molar, or sinus problems. It was migraines. GOod luck.

      • Rose Apr 16, 2012

        Jane, now that you mention bad molar…. at one time I went to a maxillofacial dentist who xray-ed my mouth and it turned out one of my upper molars were digging right into my sinus cavity. I’d been suffering from sinus pain for years and years. They were surprised I dealt with it as long as I did. I don’t know if Christy’s problems are of a dental nature, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a maxillofacial dentist take an xray and look at it. That relieved my chronic symptoms but I still suffered from what were facial migraines on and off for no reason other than possible barometric changes in weather (not having to do with allergies). I was prescribed a barbiturate and acetaminophen combo when I have these attacks. I rarely get them, but when I do, I take a pill at the onset.

  • Rose Apr 16, 2012

    (cont’d) definitely go see your regular doctor to rule out any thing that could be more serious. I always fear nasal cancer as I have two relatives go through it.

  • Debby Jun 22, 2013

    I get terrible pain in my face and jaw during migraines. When I get botox treatments, I get injections in those sites. It seems to help the pain. I’ve had migraines since five yrs old. I’m 57. I’ve had chronic daily migraines for seven yrs.

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