The Practical Pillow Podcast

In this podcast, James talks about pillows – their importance in relation to migraine and chronic headache, a little recent research, and a review of two (or three) types of pillows.

Some things mentioned in this podcast:

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  • CC Jul 12, 2011

    I have a buckwheat pillow and did not care for it. It compacts down too hard and I really like something soft under my head. Hard pillows make my head hurt more. I do like the memory foam pillows, but they can tend to be hot. I’ve tried the pillows with the plastic foam beads inside and they also tend to compact down and feel like you’re laying on a bag full of sawdust. Quite hard and I tend to wake up with migraines. I have found that some of contour type pillows can be uncomfortable if you change your sleeping position a lot during the night.
    I have tried an inflatable contour pillow, that you can adjust the air in with a bulb. I found that it was uncomfortable, and you could only lay on your side. Any other way was just too uncomfortable. On the memory foam smell, they now make a memory foam out of soy. It is more expensive but, might be worth it if you are sensitive to the smell.

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