The Sound of the Light Bulb

The Sound of the Light Bulb

Lately I’ve been sharing graphics on Mondays, but today I have something special for you.  It’s not new, but I’m sure many haven’t seen it before.

What follows is a short film that received a special mention from judges at the 2010 Neuro Film Festival.  This competition encourages films that raise awareness of neurological diseases, such as migraine.

Filmmaker Anne De Lean had her first migraine attack at the age of 12.  Thankfully, she was diagnosed early because she was the daughter of a Canadian neurologist.

This is a great film for doctors, nurses, family and friends to watch and discuss together.  It’s short (under 4 minutes) but it portrays migraine in a unique and powerful way.

One thing many will argue with is the emphasized line Migraine does not kill.  Migraine may not kill immediately and directly, but it can be seriously argued that migraine has been a major factor leading to the death of many.  This is because of the impact it has on the body and health in general, and because of comorbid diseases that tend to go along with migraine.  But that’s a topic for another day.

Suffice to say, migraine is serious and dangerous.

Now, please take a few minutes to watch The Sound of the Light Bulb.

If you’re a filmmaker considering a film about migraine, please think about entering the competition for 2014.  The deadline is the 26th of February 2014.

If you want to support migraine research, click here for more information.

For an interview with the filmmaker, read A Filmmaker on Migraines: ‘I Could Hear the Light Bulb’.

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  • Wow! Powerful. Thankyou so much.

  • Kim Antonio Landahl Nov 25, 2013

    That was really accurate. Great post Ashley Martinez

  • Julie Quinn Walker Nov 25, 2013

    My family really knows when Mom is sick with a migraine. The migraines affect my life so bad and cripples my family time. I just wish more ppl would understand how we feel when we get them. They are painful and the devil to have. Hoping for a cure one day. Thank you for the video. I enjoyed it.

  • Fantastic! You are doing great work giving us a voice.

  • Dion Jones Nov 26, 2013

    Our family is so affected when I get a headache/migraine, and unfortunately it does affect everyone under our roof. I can hear the lights too, and I can actually hear people “walking” in the house, which they do not understand. I loose so many days that I will never get back of my girls growing up that it hurts….

  • Tracy Liming Nov 26, 2013

    Great job of explaining the pain. I’ve been able to hear my eyelids blink……not pleasant.

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