The Unexpected Reason You Should Pay Attention to the Migraine World Summit

There’s a very important event coming up that you need to know about – The Migraine World Summit 2017! Why (you may ask)?

Last year’s Migraine World Summit was a tremendous success! I had the privilege of being both a speaker and a learner. The information was cutting edge and very practical – I’m still going through the material.

But this year is going to be even better!

Migraine World Summit 2017For those of you who don’t know, the summit will be bringing together experts from around the world – and I mean top, world renowned experts. They will be sharing the latest information, and their years of experience, with everyone who attends.

And you can attend, online, for free (as long as you have tickets. Which are free).

Compared to last year, the production quality is going to be raised significantly, and there will be even more great speakers (36 in all) from the forefront of migraine research and treatment.

Now, why should you attend? Of course you want to be on the inside track of information for new treatments and research. But there’s another, maybe even more important reason, why you should get your free tickets.

I spoke with Carl Cincinnato, the host of the Migraine World Summit, via Skype. He has an ambitious vision for the summit and its future.

Imagine if the summit starts getting the attention of more researchers, governments, universities, and other people with major influence. The Migraine World Summit could become more than just a tool for patients and doctors – it could become a movement.

What if people with money started realizing the need for funding migraine research? What if governments started making research a priority? What if more places of learning and research started cooperating?

You can help get their attention just by attending via your computer or smart phone. The more people, the better!

And now for the details: The event is taking place between the 23rd and 29th of April (if you get tickets, you are free to “attend” whichever workshops you would like to). As a bonus, after you sign up, you’ll get to see a free video with highlights from last year (yes – I’m in it!).

To sign up for free, visit this page.

Be a part of the movement – it’s time to fight back!

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  • Andy Apr 7, 2017

    Headaches are so disruptive yet they do not get the respect that other illnesses do. These meetings are helpful for advancing the way headaches are treated and improving awareness about what problems they cause. Thank you for having them!

    Any more info about these headaches in particular? Trigeminal neuralgia

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