Using a barometer for migraine

The link between migraine and weather is something that’s not yet fully understood.  One way that you can better understand what the connection is for you is by getting a good digital barometer.  Recently I received this letter which demonstrates a great way to use the barometer I have recommended on this website.

Hi James,

In short, thanks!

Your little barometer has changed everything for me.  I have known for some time that pressure was a trigger for some of my most severe headaches.  This little tool has helped me understand that almost *all* of my headaches are weather related.  For me it is rapidly falling pressure that does it…

After 30-some years of suffering, this is a rather huge revelation.  I have set the barometer to alert me of sharp pressure drops… now I’m training myself to medicate based on the alarm… the difference is *enormous*.

I will be ordering another barometer soon so I can keep on in my office *and* my bedroom… My hope is that if I can catch the pressure change (and have the barometer literally *wake me up* to take medication) I can avoid the headache all together…

Its amazing what a little understanding (and technology) can do…


New Mexico, USA

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  • Betsy Dec 30, 2008

    This has been offline for months – any idea when the digital barometer is coming back? I’m one of those human barometers and would love to know more about this….

  • James Dec 31, 2008

    Yes, I would too. The company originally had plans to come out with a newer better version, but looks like those plans were stalled, and the old one is no longer available. I’ll try to keep my eyes open for something to replace it!

  • Gregg May 21, 2009

    I like the idea of the barometer helping me predict a migraine is coming. However, I wouldn’t have enough medication (Frova) to take a pill each time the pressure swings here in FL. I’m sure my insurance company isn’t any different from most; they only cover 4 pills a month, sometimes I’m lucky and a newby at the drug store will give me the whole (9 pill) package without realizing the insurance is so stingy.

  • James May 22, 2009

    Well, I wouldn’t recommend taking meds every time the pressure swung around. However, if you do see a weather pattern that could cause a problem, be especially careful about your other triggers, and take other preventative action (non-drug). If the pressure swing is extreme (this is where the barometer is a big help), you might talk to your doctor about taking medication at that time.

    I find that weather related migraine attacks can be very hard to stop once they really get started. If there’s any way we can stop them early, I think it’s a help!

  • Cheryl Jan 2, 2010

    A cheap-non prescription alternative to relieve barometric pressure migraines. ZYRTEC-D I cannot say enough about it. It is AMAZING!!!!! Works every time for me!!!

  • RD Jul 28, 2014

    can this barometric travel with you? Is it battered operated or not?

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