Which health professionals are helping the most?

There are so many options when it comes to migraine or headache treatment – but which health professionals are actually helping patients?

That was the question of our most recent poll – Which one of these (health professionals) has helped you really fight headache/migraine symptoms?

Here are the results:

Health Professionals Poll

Dentists, nurses and OB/GYN doctors did not get any votes (remember, this is a small poll – I know these have helped many people too!).

What can we tell from this poll?

First, we are right to point people to headache/migraine specialists.  People are finding good treatment when they go to someone with knowledge and experience in the field.

Second, they’re not the only ones making a difference.  There are many health professionals who have really helped (remember, anyone who got a vote was someone who had helped a patient the most (patients could chose up to 3).

This poll should not suggest to you that you should go to a specialist and ignore the rest.  I’m a big advocate of having a team fighting for you.  You could be missing some important treatment if you only go to one person.  Get different kinds of advice from different perspectives, and you’ll be a lot better off.

Yes, some people voted for a total, complete QUACK.  Well, unless you’re a duck, I suggest you stick with people who have some real knowledge in the field, and just avoid the quacks right from the start. 🙂

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  • Mary Jo Dec 7, 2012

    So…. a QUACK? what does that mean? How small was the poll? I am wondering since Quack rated higher than DC , Shrink or PT. Was the Headache specialist highest since they are the ones most likely to give the more powerful drugs? My guess would be yes. Did they actually find and address the CAUSE of the headache/migraine? This time, my guess would be no. Perhaps the Quack actually found the CAUSE, and perhaps people should not avoid them in general, but should be open to new information. So is a quack, someone that has information that the MDs are ignoring (since they cant make $$ doing) such as food sensitivities, trigger points of the head and neck, acupuncture? I have seen more migraines CURED with those than any medication on the market. Maybe your Quack number would be much higher if people were more educated.

  • Karen Dec 10, 2012

    I’m guessing that quack means a whole lot of different things to different people. My MIL would count acupuncture as “quackery” even though it should be included in the complimentary medicine category. I know some who think of chiropractors as quacks. It isn’t really helpful to have a “quack” category unless that is defined. Otherwise, you don’t know if warning people away from quacks is the correct course or not.

    • Mary Jo Dec 11, 2012

      That is pretty much my point! Just about anything can be called quackery! INCLUDING the drugs that are handed out as “the only thing that can help you”!

      As with most Dis-ease, correcting the problem is likely to fix it. If a tumor is causing a headache, the drugs will only cover the pain and delay proper treatment. If you are allergic to wheat, everything else you do is only going to cost a LOT of $$$$ and delay proper treatment. (and give you a lot od side effects) So is the crazy lady down a the herb shop who does muscle testing and TELLS you that you are allergic to wheat the quack??? or is the MD who treats you with $1000. month medication for 10 years till you stumble onto the quack lady when you go to get a rice pack to keep in the freezer?

      I guess what i am saying is for one, the use of the term in a survey is useless if not rude and two the comments would steer someone who has a wheat allergy away from the correct treatment.

      I treat headaches by treating the trigger points and rather often, the headaches go away, totally or mostly! I got rid of my own that lasted 2 or 3 days at a time, by treating the trigger points and the perpetuating factors… I seldom get a headache anymore where as I was getting them once or more a week for days at a time!

  • Pam Jan 5, 2013

    In addition to migraines I get partial seizures, have low blood pressure and am prone to low blood sugar at times. I am also very short and small, so finding the right medication without too many side effects has been a difficult annoying journey. My neuro is great at helping me with medications, suggestions and helping me know what symptoms are related to what causes. She takes everything into account except for migraines!

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