Why I’m fighting Migraine

Sometimes people ask me why I built this site, and why I’m out to fight migraine and various types of chronic headache.

Here are two big reasons why:

Why I'm fighting Migraine
My kids (and a doll)

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  • Diana Lee Mar 20, 2009

    Have either of your little ones had a migraine? I hope not and I hope they never do.

  • Beth Mar 21, 2009

    I say there is no better reason!! My kids were 3 and 1 when I started getting migraines. I now have three children who are now 17, 15, & 8. We all know how much we miss in their lives because of this disease, not to mention the guilt and pain we feel when they now get migraines themselves. As someone described in another article comment, the guilt that your genes passed this on to them and the helplessness we feel when they are in pain. As a mom, when they hurt, I hurt. My 15 year old son is getting them more frequently now and he gets so annoyed with me when I am constantly asking him if he needs anything. What comforts me doesn’t necessarily make him feel better during an attack… and he’s a teenager and I’m his mom.

    Children brings up another topic I’m sure other women have had similar encounters with. My third pregnancy was miserable, almost unbearable at times, because my doctor “poo-pooed” my migraines as if I were a child with “whittle headaches”. Before I even got pregnant, I asked how I would be able to treat them, he assured me that most women with migraines quit getting them while they were pregnant. I was NOT one of those women. So when I ended up with pre-eclampsia, he had gotten so tired of my “whining about my headaches” he failed to act. Another doctor was on call the night I got a migraine at 38 1/2 weeks and because he took me seriously, he decided to induce labor. During labor, my blood pressure got so high, my placenta began to tear, which could have had tragic consequences. Had my own doctor been on call, I firmly believe I could have lost my life and/or the life of my son, because he had stopped LISTENING to me or taken my migraines seriously.

    James, I appreciate you and this website more than I can even express!! I also use humor to get me through my rough days, so when “coronetbay” says something “strange” to you on Twitter… that’s me in a feeble attempt to get you to laugh. I have to laugh so I try to find humor in almost anything, so please don’t ever take what I say seriously, unless it’s a serious topic, then you will be able to tell that I’m being serious.

  • James Apr 10, 2009

    Thanks so much for your comments!

    Beth, I’m so sorry to hear about the reaction of your doctor during your pregnancy. He should have known that, although many women don’t get migraine during pregnancy, many DO! This idea that migraine is a women’s disease that is simply related to hormones – and is therefore completely predictable – has to go. Everyone is different, and to know your situation your doctor has to listen!

  • Erin Apr 21, 2009

    Beth, I’m so sorry to hear that!! Unfortunately, so many doctors think we’re whining or exaggerating. Very sad. That’s why websites like James’s are sooooo important — we all need to know we aren’t alone and that we aren’t crazy!!

  • Marti Apr 21, 2009

    No migraines during pregnancy? I wish! I had gone for years with no migraines until I got pregnant at 23. I had a migraine that lasted 9 months. I was miserable!! Fortunately my doctor was very understanding and prescribed some medication that did help some. I’ve been fighting the headaches ever since. My daughter is sixteen now and she’s fighting it too. We’re both managing and do pretty well most of the time, but there are always the bad days.

  • Beth Apr 23, 2009

    Erin, you’re right! James’ website has been a Godsend!! It wasn’t THAT long ago when there was no internet so we all couldn’t help but feel alone. I think James is amazing to take time out of his busy life to help us manage our migraines and create a forum for us to all come together!
    And Marti, I am so sorry to hear about your pregnancy AND all the subsequent migraines over the past 16 years. It sounds like your migraines started around the same time mine did.
    I have a lot of theories that I seem to come up with when I have nothing but time to pass. Sometimes I wonder if SOME of our problem isn’t a buildup of all the preservatives we have been eating all these years such as MSG, NutraSweet, Nitrates, Red Dyes, saccharin and maybe even lead (to name a few). Some of these companies started adding some of these ingredients to their products to make food easier/quicker to prepare and to give it a longer shelf life… Does anyone else have any thoughts on my strange conspiracy theory?

  • James Apr 23, 2009

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. This site is the creation of many, many people like you – thanks!

    Beth, I do think that there is a “buildup” of some kind that does cause problems. Current research does seem to point to the fact that it’s rarely one thing that’s triggering migraine, but a buildup of several things. This is why eating more naturally helps many (but not all), because for some people it cuts down the level of triggers enough.

  • James Apr 23, 2009

    Oops – I should rephrase that. Eating more naturally helps everyone! It just isn’t always enough to stop all migraine attacks. Don’t want to leave the impression that some people ought to eat naturally and others ought to eat chemicals and junk! 😉

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