Your #1 Advice For Someone Newly Diagnosed…

It might be surprising what the #1 piece of advice was – from website visitors to those who have been newly diagnosed with migraine, cluster, or another headache disorder. There are so many things that could be said.

Remember, this is from people who have been down the road, some have had a headache disorder for many, many years. They’ve made mistakes, and they’ve had success.

Headache Advice -Wondering?So what was the most common bit of advice? Keep a detailed migraine/headache diary.

They mentioned tracking things like what you eat, what the weather is like, your monthly cycle, your ups and downs. The more detail the better.

Why? One reason is that many people have drastically cut down on their symptoms by identifying triggers. That is, they find that certain foods, or weather conditions, or hairsprays, or whatever it may be, tend to bring on symptoms or make them worse.

Sometimes we’re surprised when we actually keep track and find out what those triggers actually are.

But of course a headache diary is about more than just triggers – it’s also about finding an objective way to evaluate treatments, and find overall balance.

That’s just one of the bits of advice that people gave for our latest community article. Check out the top 10 right here.

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