Zelrix Migraine Patch – Looking for approval again…

The special migraine patch known as NP101 or Zelrix has resubmitted its application to the FDA, and the submission has been accepted.

The Migraine Patch is a very unique and complex delivery system for migraine medication – in this case, sumatriptan.  It’s not just a typical patch, but a piece of complex technology.

Last year the Zelrix Patch was not approved, the FDA expressing concerns about the safety, manufacture and chemistry involved.  NuPathe, the makers of the patch, assured everyone that they could address the FDA’s concerns.

The patch uses an electric current (iontophoresis) to deliver a one-time dose of medication into your system extremely quickly – something that may make all the difference during a migraine attack.  It’s also hoped that some side effects could be avoided due to this method of delivery – meaning that sumatriptan could help more people than it could before.

NuPathe CEO Armando Anido is optimistic, saying "We look forward to working closely with the FDA to complete its review and to bringing our innovative new treatment option to migraine patients in 2013."

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