Zofran for Migraine (fight nausea)

One type of medication that we haven’t discussed much is Zofran for migraine, or ondansetron.  It’s not that unusual for a doctor to prescribe it, and we’ll see why in a moment.

Zofran is a common brand name, but ondansetron is also sold as Emeset, Emetron, Ondavell and others.

Originally used for nausea after and operation or chemotherapy, ondansetron is now much more widely used.  When it comes to migraine, Zofran is commonly prescribed to fight nausea.

Zofran may be taken by adults and children both, so it may be useful for children who tend to experience a lot of vomiting and nausea with migraine.  It works quickly, and usually has very minimal side effects.  In fact, it will not cause drowsiness like many anti-nausea drugs will.

When you have migraine, particularly migraine with nausea, you want something that works fast.  That’s why the "dispersible" versions – which dissolve in your mouth – are so popular.  A generic version is available at Drugstore.com (8mg being the common dosage for adults).

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  • Anazon Oct 21, 2010

    I switched from Phenergan to the ondansetron and it is like night and day. The Phenergan really knocked me out and I could not got to work after. The “Zofran” is like you almost were never nauseous, within minutes. No other side effects. I used to be so Nauseated I would keep throwing up my meds b4 they could work. Not any more, give a try!

  • Suzy Oct 23, 2010

    I have been headache free for almost 3 weeks. I have had migraines all my life. I am 55 and in the last ten years they have become increasingly more frequent to every other day or every day. I am on Zonisamide 150mg. I started on 25mg and slowly went up to 150mg. I Have tried just about every thing and this is the one that seems to work for me with minimal side effects.

    • Karen Kirwan May 24, 2016

      Are they usually on left side with muscle tension too? If so they are hormonal, mine also ramped up around 50, once I figured it out, HRT changed my life!

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